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April 23, 2007

Sucky things

I also wanted to say that the suckiest of things happened again this weekend Times 2.  Our guinea Pigs Weazy and Wilma passed away.  They were both very old for guinea pigs (being ditched by their owners in 2002) and I've actually heard numerous times that when one goes the other does cause of their bonds, and I knew it right away when I found Wilma laying to Weazy in a horrible way.  I wanted to express my gratitude for them being part of my life and I will always mmiss their little hungry squeals.  I hope they rest easy and knew and know that they were very much a loved part of our little family.

Harry Connick Jr. sweats like the rest of us...

Just alot better and more talented. I went and saw him last nite (Sat) at Radio City Music Hall. Front Row in the Pitt in the very middle.  I've been a fan of his since before When Harry Met Sally.  Unfortunately Tony's back was out again so I had to go it alone, and it was a little unnerving being 3 feet away from a performer that you worship, but DAMN it was the best concert and he is just the coolest guy ever!

 GOOD TIMES!  btw I don't at all mind going to things like that by myself and was confy with it, but I really wanted Tony to be there with me.  I Love him ya know.

April 09, 2007

This is a great news story

I hope noone reads this and tries to get the cat to stop taking the bus for not paying.  It's something that I'm sure someone is already thinking about.  Anyway read the story below because i said so.

Mystery cat takes regular bus to the shops