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July 21, 2007

Baseball or Cricket?

So the Yankees won part 1 of the double header...

 As I was screwing around with the Tarantula tank (adding more dirt, and a little lettuce for the crickets), I noticed that there were little crickets, almost the size of the small ones when we but those instead of the large ones.  We haven't bought them in a long long time so I guess they've been breeding in the tank, Sounds like a cheap way to keep a tarantula fed?  Then if that wasn't enough I was playing with Wuzzy (we tap each others fingers) and I noticed some of the dirt was moving--as I looked closer I saw that there were lots of even smaller crickets, about the size of pinheads (Not Pinhead from Hellraiser, actual tiny heads of pins). 

Saturday mourning

Review from Thursday & Friday:

Thursday: Got up and started working, only for my laptop to crash--I was able to reboot a few times, but had to take it into the office where they said I needed to leave it overnight.  Not good with the amount of projects I have in the mix right now, but nothing I can do about it.  Came home and fiddled around.  Missed the Yankees lose at the afternoon game so I watched the movie "The Messengers" -- A little obvious and spooky but not a horrible flick.  I started "Blood and Chocolate", but only got into it for :25 and gave into sleep around midnite.

Friday:  I got up and called the office--no response, kept calling until about 1pm when they answered and said they'd check into it.  Called back about an hour later and said my contractor status was listed as terminated so even though the laptop was fixed, they couldn't reset up my ID.  I had a partner and couple directors call them (especially since I have big meetings on monday and tuesday in the city) and was able to pick up my laptop about an hour later.  Needless to say it was set up wrong, and all of my info was gone (programs as well).  It took me a couple hours to reset up my account, and then had to grab what I could from my own back up here at home.  Did a little work and then watched the Yankees lose BAD (14-4)...Damn Tampa Bay for that too! Fell asleep somewhere around midnite.

Saturday: Woke up this morning around 7am and walked the dogs and took care of the feedings of the pets and then went to the grocery store.  Just got back from there.  Was supposed to go and see the Yankees for their 1pm game, but felt the need to skip it, so will flick it on the TV in an hour when it comes on.  Not sure if I'll sit here through the double header or not, let's see if they can make it thru the 1st one. 

July 19, 2007

Right, now...wednesday

so, ok....Sunday breakdown....Got up and went to meet Tony at Simple for Brunch before I met Susie.  Had a runin with the british stripper, Tony finally got there (:45 late only for a change).  We had brunch, Susie finally got there (during the Yanks game) and we made some plans...

 Jay and Christine met us there, we left near 5pm and went and met Mel at Pop Merrigans (where se bartends on some sundays...). Played a Fucked up game of pool and left and had some fun at Abbys with Curly Sue and others...We left there, went to Christine's and tthen later went to White Star--everyone left me there and Tony came and picked me up at 2am.

 Monday--slept in a bit and then worked all day, watched the Yanks in bed, took alot of Ambiem and slept in.

 Tuesday--Slept not so far in, worked all day--left around 6:30 and went to Simple to watch the Yanks...Turned a bit purple (no more Vodka for me,  back to Bacardi), was very depressed so Susie and Jay came and hugged me (John and Pete were nice as well). Went to the pet store and picked up Tony's pet store deposit, went and fed Stretch (Michale and Joyce's cat) then came home.

 Wedesday--slept in and was depressed, lost alot of clients, who cares.  Got up worked finally, Tony fell asleep so I went to White Star and had dinner and watched the Yankees, went to Simple then back to White Star then went to pick up Tony's deposit.  Got home around 1:30am.

July 15, 2007


Just walked in the door and settled into bed...Here's today:

 Woke up at 12ish...grabbed the paper and went to the pet store to return stuff and see what's up (Tony was asleep but it's saturday so sorta ok)...went to Staples and got bags and paper towels for the store and took them back and grabbed a leash for Holly at White Star that she needed for a benefit.  Went and took care of Stretch (Michael and Joyce's cat--they are in Spain) and then made my way to White Star to drop off the leash--Ordered tacos there and read the paper and had a couple Ketel/Crans until Tony called me saying he was lookin for me at Simple.  So I left White Star went and had another drink with him (and stole a couple pieces of his brunch bacon) and hung out with him for a half hour.  We went to Target in the convertible to get stuff..went back and got the replacement Jeep and came home (at 5pm)

 At 6:30 I left and went back to White Star to watch the Yankees (innings 1-4) had chips/guac and a couple drinks...then went to Simple and met up with Scott...finished the Yanks game (they won...yeah)...we got bored and it was Fugly there so we walked back to White Star...he ate I had one drink...we got bored again and walked back to Simple....

 Still boring but we chatted with chatty bitches there....then I dropped him off and then went by the pet store to pick up deposits and Dog food (tony called and said to)...and then here I am. Time for bed obviously at 3:21...


 Peace and Suck!

July 14, 2007

alright so more of me

So I think I'm just gonna start rambling on to get things off my chest now...seems like a good way to do it where noone will see it or maybe I'll get some feedback..

 Last nite i had horrible nightmares about trying to find a burial space for my cat ... and everytime i dug into our (nonexitnet...but dreamworld) yard I hit a fuckin sewer drain or something.  Fortunatley enuf there was a party goin on so I could walk in from the rain and ask again where i should dig more.....so that was the dream...

today was more like this (after i woke up).

Still a little bit of sore throat and stuffed...worked for most of the day, even tho i put a sick notice on my email...Felt alot better in the afternoon so I went to Simple to watch the game (Yankees/Devil Rays...Yeah Tampa won the asses). Met Tony and friends Jimmy/Peter at White Star for some for the game and food. I walked back to Simple to finish watching the Yankees lose, drank some more, listened to people's shit ... went to my friend's (Michael and Joyce) to take care of their cat while they are in Spain and then came home feeling creeped out at life...so here it is.