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September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Tony!!!

Well yesterday Tony finally made another Blog entry (see below this one), and lo and behold - today he turns a year older.

Last night we went up to Simple for our regular Monday night outing but alot of people came in to wish him a Happy Birthday (and many of them -- yeah many of them, bought him a drink -- he's a bit drunk now).  But he said he had a great time and was glad for everyone that showed up.

Later tonite we (with our friend Lou) are heading up to Ruth's Chris in Weehawken for a nicer Birthday dinner.  I will post pics from both nights in a couple of days (when I get a moment - I have to go to meetings Wed-Fri and my mom gets here on Sat).

 I did add 2 blog entries and pictures on the Ernie site today as well, you can see them here.

September 29, 2008

Jospeh Petcka, the "Cat Killer": A Tony blog

I know I keep saying I am going to keep this up and then like everything else I get lazy and let it go so here is my most recent attempt at blogging. I am a news junkie. It's an addiction and I am not proud of it. After each broadcast I watch I swear I am never going to watch the news again, but I am weak and can not help myself. My morning-fix today was the "Today Show". The lead story was of course the $700 Billion Economy Bailout Plan (or as I like to call it "Bush's $700 Billion Bend over and shut up Plan") followed by the NYPD Taser case, the Terror Plot on Fort Dix, the Mets unfortunate season-ending game (sorry David Wright) and then at 7:45am came this story. Joseph Petcka the "Cat Killer".

This man needs to be removed from society, neutered and retrained before returning. This is a 205lb former minor league athlete that hit, kicked and threw his girlfriend's 7lb cat because it woke him from a nap by biting his finger. AND THEN he left the cat to die a drawn out and agonizing death. Joseph claimed that his reaction was just unfortunate. I sensed no remorse in the interview only relief that one stupid juror held out to cause a hung jury. Now that's UNFORTUNATE!!! Oh, and I think he is not entitled to have the word pet in his last name. I think part of his punishment show be that his last name should be changed to Jercka. What do you think?

September 28, 2008

SNL - Palin sketch

Last night's Palin/Couric Saturday night live opening sketch

Here's a link to the actual interview.

September 25, 2008

Typical night in JC?

OK at least it didn't surprise me much at all -- I headed out to Hamilton Park Ale House (about 1 block from what I'm about to introduce)...and of course they were still outta Bacardi silver (I think I drank it all on Tuesday)...Anyways I gotta crappy drink and then I smelled a lot of smoke and burning metal...so here's what happened (<--click back there if you cannot figure that out).  I'm sure it was a woman driver?  (j/k)

 So then I headed to Simple and watched the Yankees lose and watched 2 more great episodes of my FAV show "It's always sunny in Philadelphia" and then came home...

Not so exciting but a blog nonetheless...

September 24, 2008

! - ] [ \ ' ; " : / ? . , > < #

I think that the title says it all, but if not read more...

National punctuation day

September 20, 2008

Cloister Skunk!

So early Friday I left to go to a group building exercise with PwC (and it was a lot of fun) at a restaurant upstate and then to the Cloisters ... I will post our's and Ernie's pics this weekend.  But then I went to Simple and watched them get busted in a bad way by ABC and get a strike against their license (because a partial owner was very messed up...I couldn't leave and had to watch it thru...) 

Finally I got away after a couple phone calls from Tony...so I was almost home and I saw 3 little baby Skunks running across the road.  I have a soft spot for skunks because we had a pet "Petunia" growing up.  I parked the car by the nursing home and ran thru the little grassy area...the parents saw me and stopped and sprayed (cmon stupid skunks I was 4 meters away)... I saw the babies run into a tunnel...I sorta got one on camera but it looks like a streak of white on a piece of moldy bread...so I am going tomorrow after a kickbal tournament and photographing these babies!

BTW..I've seen at least 4 baby skunks dead on the road in the area lately...that sucks ass.

September 12, 2008

Remembrance, death, birth and kids for sale

Yesterday we started the day by watching the 9/11 memorial on TV as we have every year (as much as I could take anyway -- it's so sad). Then after work was over we went down to the Jersey City waterfront to see the Towers of Light to pay our respects.

 When we got up yesterday our angelfish that we had for years had died, she wasn't looking good the last few days so it wasn't unexpected but it was still sad.  Last week before we left for the Cape, I noticed little eggs all over some of the plants in the same tank, I've seen them before but they've always disappeared (I assume other fishys eating them) so I grabbed a bunch of leaves and water from that tank and put them in a separate little tank. I was watching it every day but the eggs were looking icky so I gave it up and hadn't checked on them for a couple days.  Last night I decided to empty the tank and turned on the light and we have a bunch of little baby albino catfish in there now.

Lastly, before we left last night to go to the waterfront (and get some dinner at Iron Monkey) our road was blocked off by firetrucks and police. Well a little girl had fallen out of her unattended window on the corner...click here to read about it.

Tomorrow is a large community sale at Riverview/Fisk Park on Palisades Ave here in the Heights and Tony is going to have a couple of tables in our neverending quest to get rid of some of our belongings (nice antique china, pet items from the old stores and alot of other personal belongings)...

September 10, 2008

Fringeful photographs

Last night we went over to our neighbor's (Greg and Robin) for a get-together.  It was Greg's brother-in-Law, Tim's, birthday so we celebrated that.  But it was also a Fringe premiere party since Robin does the props for the show.  We had a nice time and stayed until about 10pm then walked back next door, finished the Yankee game and got some sleep.

Tonite I was able to update pictures from last week's wedding trip to Cape Cod, so here they are:

September 08, 2008

Wedding bells and Cape Cod shells

Friday I took off work early and we headed out to go to a wedding on Cape Cod (Falmouth, MA).  My friend and coworker Joe Breen was getting married to Cristi and our friend Jackie was flying out from New Mexico as well.  We had a really nice 4 hour drive up and got there just after Jackie did.  We met up for a quick lunch at the Inn restaurant, did a little work and then the 3 of us went over to the B&B that Joe was staying at for cocktails.

Later that night Jackie, Tony and me went across the street to a restaurant on the beach and sat outside and had dinner.  Tony went back to the room and Jackie and I stayed out a few more hours (where I had lots more to drink, found a jacket on a park bench, etc etc)...

Saturday morning we got up to get ready for the 10:30am wedding, when I found out that I had a major wardrobe malfunction.  I brought the wrong pants and there is no way  they would fit.  Tony almost stayed while I wore his pants but Jackie talked up into wearing jeans and nice shirts.  It turned out fine since it was a semi-casual wedding and we didn't stand out too much.

The wedding was alot of fun, we sat at a table with other coworkers who were great and stayed until about 5pm, drinking and getting to know alot of the other guests.  We were going to meet them later for more drinks but since there was a new guest (Tropical storm Hannah), Jackie had to leave at 4am to catch a flight and we had already drank so much we decided to stay in and go to bed early. The storm knocked out the power during the night and it stayed out til after we left at 9am to drive home.

We had a great time on the trip and took alot of pictures.  I'm going to post those today or tomorrow when I get a break (Ernie's and our pictures together).

Of course, Ernie went along for the trip as well (Joe invited him) and he got to know alot of people and see alot of new things.  Wait until you see those pictures -- I should get them posted separately today or tomorrow as well.