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January 14, 2009

Me at my usual, again finally!

So yeah I probably made Tony sick to his stomach and whatever, but I'm working hard and I gave up a couple of my goals for the year for other goals, so I went for it...and this is typical me but I hadn't done it in awhile...

I prepared at the office today and got an extra ketchup packet at lunch and stowed it in my bag...we got home tonite, he walked the dogs and came in -- I was Mr. Greg (ass in other words) so then I came in the bedroom and made a huge slamming noise on the floor (and bonus that the dogs went crazy barking) then ran out into the living room with ketchup on my face and looking all mutant...Yeah I scared the Bitch out of him...well naw he's still a bitch but I scared him bad...I gotta say it gave me alot of pleasure so he's gotta expect alot more of it this year...just a warning because I forgot that my favorite thing to do  is to freak out the love of my life!