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April 25, 2009

Saturday...nothing special

So I watched the Yankees lose again tonite to the Red Sux (I love Jacoby Ellsbury but the rest of them suck), and hung out at White Star all afternoon and evening. I've got to say it was horribly hot out today and will be hotter on Sunday (90ish--really why even bother living in the north of it sucks this bad).  So I should have worked more today but here's how the day actually went...This is more like our old Calendar:

 8am-11am..Greg was a little hungover but did 4 webpages and watched some spongebob, Tony walked the dogs and started doing more cleanup downstairs.

12-3pm.  Tony went and got parrot food and Burger king for us (i love their old school chicken sammy) i did one more page but was annoyed with my progress so stopped.

3pm-now  I went back to White Star and drank alot (it's what I do) and watched the Yanks lose, the Phillies win and hung out with friends.  Tony went up for an hour or so and came home.  He had me bring dessert home.

 I did give Tony a nice little Asus Aspire Netbook last night (because i'm friggin awesome) and I'm hoping he may participate more in things -- he's now on twitter because i made him...follow him at tonyfrier.

I'm going to do something awesome this week.  Just a goal.

 OMG there are so many animals on me right now...Willy calm down.

April 21, 2009

Couple new BlackBerry Apps

Thanks Pennie for hooking me up with these.

Viigo - a news/rss/feed reader app that I haven't played with much yet but it looks pretty good.  You can also manage your feeds online which is handy.  www.viigo.com

Vlingo - so awesome.  No need to type much anymore, a fantastic cross-application speech program.  It recognized my garbled speech and sent Tony an email, updated Facebook, etc.  I'll try it drunk later and let you know how that goes.  www.vlingo.com or you can download it by texting vlingo to 95495

Give them a try - I am.

April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Barry and April

We hope Barry (my sister's hubby) and April (Tony's sister) have great birthdays today!

April 10, 2009

Easter Peeps

April 09, 2009

Yankees Baseball

OK after two very disappointing losses watched from home (very disappointed in Cheeseburger Cheeseburger's opening day start), we're going to try to change their luck by watching the game from White Star this afternoon, so I'm packing up my laptop to work while we watch the game!  Last year they won more games while I was out so hopefully this will help.  It can't hurt, if nothing but get me happier while watching.

Also just a quick note to say sorry to hear that the Angels rookie pitcher from last night's game, Adenhart, was killed in a car accident early this morning.