August 29, 2008

Bookclub: The Girls

We had our bookclub meeting last night at The Embankment.  The book this month was The Girls by Lori Lansens.  Out of the 4 of us that read it, 3 of us liked it alot and the 4th not as much.  I was one of those who liked it.  It was uniquely written in sections from the views of twin girls.  The kicker is that they were conjoined twins and they were relaying their lives from their own perspectives.  It's a fairly easy and quick read and although not one of my favorite books that we've selected, it definitely was good and I would recommend it.  (It was also the first full book I've read on my Amazon Kindle -- although I read the paper on it every day). 

To get a different perspective on the bookclub meeting, you might want to check out how Ernie enjoyed himself there.

March 27, 2008

Bookclub tonite...

I've been going to bookclub meetings once a month for alomst a year now and I always mean to write a followup on here and never have much so I'm going to start this month, a summary of the meeting.

This month's book was "How to talk to a widower" by Jonathan Tropper.  Attending the club tonite was me, Jeff, Goat, Kelly Dog, Kelly O, Jaci, Sam and later Patty (We missed Stace & Pat but she just gave birth a week before--1 meeting is all we will let them miss).  Patty didn't read the book but thought the dust jacket looked nice...we all disagreed with that, cause everyone that read the book agreed that for what the book was about, the dust jacket was awful.

After last month's selection "The Emporer's children" which everyone agreed was the worst book to date -- consensus!  This time we all agreed it was a very well written, truthful, dark, funny, sad great book.  We all noted some of the funniest spots--it brought a few member's to tears but definitely left us all wanting more!  I will highly recommend it since everyone liked it (and we have a huge cross section of society in our group--the only commonality is we like to drink and read). 

I for one am going to order all 3 of his other books and read them as I can.  Next month's selection is "Love in the Time of Cholera" by Gabriel García Marquez, and again I will comment on the book after the meeting. I hear that it takes a bit to get into but is worth it when you do.  I'll also do a short synopsis and liking factor of all the books to date when I can gather all the titles up.

Off the topic but with a good segue here would be to mention telephone books.  I noticed last week that there were 28 Yellow Pages books in our vestibule (one for each loft in our building).  It's been about 10 days and now there are 22 left out there--I want to know who the 6 people are that actually brought those into their homes?  I see no reason to have a telephone book in this day and age? Everyone is way too connected for that in my opinion and there went how many trees to print all that BS?