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I'll be updating this soon..I wrote it back in 2001 i think, and a lot has happened since then, and I think differently know as well i think, so this needs a revise with my different outlook, although the facts are still the facts...


I was born June 11, 1971 on Columbus AFB, MS. We (my mother, father, and 2 sisters) quickly moved to Plant City, FL where I was raised. Here is my Educational History. And since as soon as I was able to (and maybe a little before) drive, and my autos have always been a little important to me, here's a list of Cars I've owned. I was briefly engaged once to a great person in college and then woke up (11/11/91) and met Tony Frier...we've been together ever since.

Even though I got my Master's degree in Psych, I found I could make alot more money and get settled in life being a Video Store Manager of all things, in Tampa (Click here for a complete job listing). So, as I did that, I counseled terminal patients and their families on the side.

In December 1997, Tony and I took a trip to NYC, and I fell in love with it, so we quickly rented out our houses in FL, quit our jobs and moved to Jersey City, NJ in February 1998. We moved to our current Loft in December 1999, and purchased it as soon as the building was able to go condo. When we got to Jersey City, I luckily fell into a job at PricewaterhouseCoopers and quickly made my place there, learning Lotus Notes and building Web Sites, doing quite well. I still do part time consulting with them as well as other clients. I work exclusively from home now, and it's great being here (most of the time) with Tony and our family (Woofer, Ladee, Wink, Whisper, Willy, Wiggum, Wallace, Wexler, Weird-o, Witness, Wicket, our fish and frogs), and our neighbors.


Tony and I run a non-profit Animal Organization for spay and neutering named ARFF. I'm a Board Member for our building (a founding board member--give me a plaque!). We both bowl on a league with our neighbor Rick. I'm still doing websites, but have much more free time on my hands this year, so I've been reading more and hanging out with neighbors alot more, and getting to know them better (alot of people in our building are in work at home situations). I love where we live, our loft is perfect, as we built a large bar and playroom downstairs (mostly for me--Thanks Tony). I love to go down and play darts and have more than a few drinks as I listen to loud music. I also love having my nice DVD movie Library (posting soon) and 65" Widescreen entertaining TV (thanks Tony). I listen to all types of music, but I really like loud, aggressive or alternative rock. My favorite movies are definitely horror flicks, but I enjoy and appreciate all types! I also love to read (obsessively sometimes) and late at night I can usually be found downstairs in the jacuzzi bath reading and listening to music. Just started going to the gym 3 times a week at the end of May and am enjoying it alot. Trying to get into shape
Useless Crap

Favorite TV Shows
Simpsons, Futurama, King of the Hill, Buffy, Angel, Haunted, Six Feet Under, Alias, Carnivale & Friends

Movies I've seen this year at the theater: Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
2003:Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Jeepers Creepers 2, Freddy vs. Jason, Matrix Reloaded, X2, Identity, Dreamcatcher, DareDevil, Final Destination 2, The Two Towers, Chicago.
2002: Wrong Turn, The Ring, Red Dragon, XXX, Signs, Eight-Legged Freaks, Halloween Resurrection, Scooby Doo, Spiderman, Jason X, Changing Lanes, Frailty, Panic Room, Time Machine, Death to Smoochy, Blade 2

Books I've read this year: Skipping Christmas, The Da Vinci Code, Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix, Blackwood Farm
2002:Coldheart Canyon (Barker), Diary of Ellen Rimbauer (King), Snow Garden (Rice), Crossing Over (Edward), One Last Time (Edward), Everything's Eventual (King), Nigger, Blade Runner, The Simpsons & Philosophy, Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire (8/07), Blood & Gold (Rice), From a Buick 8 (King), Abarat (Barker), Cold Mountain, Portrait of a Wallflower & The Monk.

Here is my link to my amazon wish list for easy gift ideas of things that i want or need.