Kim, Rich & Sofia (1A)
Greg & Robin (1B)
Us!! (1C)
Tom (1D)
Frank & Joe (1E)
Under Contract (1F)
Vacant (1G)

Tim, Lori, & Erin (2A)
Jderel MD (2B-Rents)
Tammy (2C)
Doug & Suzanne (2D)
Sabine (2E)
Marcus (2F-rents)
Jane (2G)


Rick & Brad (3A)
Mike (3B)
Brin (3C)
Mike & Aleya (3d)
Robin & Mechelle (3e)
Alex (sold) (3F)
Josh & Sherri (3G)

Aidan & Glora (4A)
Eric & (4B)
Carrie & Gene(sold) (4C)
Melissa & Brian (4D-rents)
Danny (4E)
Richard & Sandra (4F)
Fassaud (4G)

These are just short snippets about what we know about our friends and neighbors in the building, these are only our thoughts and observations and are in no way meant to do any harm....

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