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December 30, 2005

it's ok to like it...

Lots of not alot happened yesterday and today.  Did some work and finally invoiced a couple clients that I hadn't since September, not alot of new work coming through this week with PwC US Firm closed, but did get one project yesterday that will take awhile.

 Wednesday we drove into the city with Uncle Gary and his twin boys, but it was packed for some event everywhere and every parking garage was fu8ll, so we drove around a couple hours in wall to wall people/traffic then just made our way home.  Went to Uno's for dinner then Tony brought them home and I went and took store inventory from the 2nd street store to the Park store. (5 trips in the new Benz)...Then Tony and I went out for a few drinks (until 2am).

 Thursday, I woke up with a bad headache (not exactly from drinking), so i tried to do some work and sleep in a bit.  Tony worked on Rick & Brad's loan and then we took a Jitney bus over to the city and met Uncle Gary and the boys at Trump Tower.  Walked up to Central Park & FAO Schwarz and then took the train back downtown and had a couple drinks/appetizers at TGI Fridays before catching the ferry back to Jersey.  Ordered some pizza at home, I did a website update for PwC Retail and then went up to the stores to back up the data and do a little work. (Also watched my first episode of ER ever...and it was pretty good and creepy - Cynthia Nixon played a stroke patient--so that's what everyone's been talking about these last 10 years  =)

 Now it's 3am and i'm gonna do a little bit a work and try to get some sleep, maybe, My relatives leave in the morning between 9-10am.

 Boring entry, eh?  I'll try to soup em up a bit in the new year!


December 27, 2005


Woke up late again (but went to bed at 6am).  Slept til 11:30, Tony was still sleepin.  Took care of the animals and then did some work.  About 4:00pm I went to Pier One, Linens & Things and Target for some after-xmas shoppin.  (spent about $450--not bad for me Wink)

 After that went by Fetch-It to see if Cat needed anything or help, then went to FBTP and did an order with Jen and went over some stuff.  Then came home and unpacked my goods, only to come in here and work a little watch Futurama and a couple episodes of Frasier & Family Guy. Tony slept pretty much all day although was up to eat around 7:30-8:30 or so.

 I also updated our website with pictures from Christmas and spoke to my Uncle Gary, from VA Beach.  He and his twins are driving up tomorrow to stay a couple days. I'm not going to worry with hiding any severed heads from them, I think they are cool with them on the floor as long as they aren'r smelling up the place, and with a little Febreze it's amazing how scent free things remain.

 Think i'll finish up part of another PwC site that I'm working on and get a couple hours of sleep.  Getting worn out again but then again, when am i not...WWGD after all (yeah G is for greg - don't get any religious ideas anywhere from me--i mean c'mon what the Hell??)


December 26, 2005

Christmas Night...well ok next morning technically..

Woke up at 12:30, yeah well made it to bed late obviously-no excuses who cares when we got up.  Tony took care of the cooking for dinner this evening, and we opened our gifts.  Got way too much from the family as always, but appreciated.  My Dad and Step-mother actually made Tony cry with a framed picture that they sent us.  Glad I'm not a big baby like him, ummm yeah right.  Brin stopped by - exchanged gifts, LaDee opened her gifts (i;ve gotta get a video of this dog opening presents - it's amazing, and she only opens hers).  Tony gave me the best present ever.  A Panasonic Massage chair...Truly amazing, just like a masseur--full body, no happy ending, i guess that's an add-on, but this thing is great!  Alex & Louis (2A) & Jane all came for dinner..and we drank an excellent bottle of wine that L&A had been holding onto for years, and finally opened a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue I had for years, and a 100 yr old Cognac I was given last year.  Yum!  Kim & Rich stopped by to visit afterwards too.  Good Christmas Night!  Put a load of dishes in the washer and walked the dogs, these things are so tiring, Tony just zonked out with Woofer on the sofa and I'm about to run up to the pet stores to Hang Up Clearance signs and feed a little lonely fish that's there and say hi to Wallace the 2nd street store cat.  I'lll try to stay outta trouble otherwise.  When trying,  I usually succeed!  So I'm heading out for just a bit--

December 25, 2005

Christmas Day

Christmas Eve & Day...
Christmas morning 4:58am and should get a couple hours sleep I guess.  Tony is polishing silver and I'm working on a Retail & Consumer Industry PwC site.  Hmmm Christmas morning means something very different now days rather than what it held in the not too far past.  Last night we did have our 5th Annual Christmas Eve Dinner with our neighbors, Kim, Rich, Sofie, Luca (and Kim's mom was in from CA this time too!)  Was a good dinner and fun time as always.  Then off I dashed back up to the Pet Stores to grab (forgotten) deposits and backup the register information.  Came home, wrapped some presents, finally updated our Gallery with November & December photos & then got onto work (while watching the 24 Hours of Christmas Story)...Where I now am, although not thrilled with the working part of it, and think i'm gonna get a couple hours sleep.  It's not daylight out yet, so Santa may still stop by if I hurry.