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January 26, 2006


ok working 21 or so hours a week since i last entered...over last weekend i did work a couple hours a day at the pet store sat and sunday then we had our artist of the month's reception at http://www.fetchitbythepark.com 6:30-10:00 on sunday, which Tony came to and then we went to Chilis for a quick dinner.  couple nights this week did inventory swaps between the 2 stores and loaded software on the computers so i can work on them directly from home.

tonite i think Tony wants to go to Outback for dinner, he asked me to wake him up at 7pm - there's usually a 50/50 chance that he'll actually get up and go, but he seemed like he really night tonite.  there's still so much straightening out of house crap we need to do around here, but im feeling pretty damn hopeless about it and try as i might the more i do the less seems to get done, ah well that's my basic feelings in general right now...work is a neverending abyss, the mess around here is like a lid on top of it right when my fingers reach the edge...oh well, i think maybe right now i'll go and do 1 thing for the house to completion.  even if it's small it'll be complete...now the hard spot - what will it be ??


January 21, 2006

Gonna try to grab some zZzZs

Worked on www.pwc.com/pharma website until 11pm, then took care of the nightly animal walks and feedings before going on to the petstores (i woke up Tony before going and he said we had food poisoning--he never let me know he didnt feel well...just slept his 20hrs straight).  I swapped a carload of inventory between the 2, and built some shelves for dishes before heading home at 3am.  From then til now i worked on www.pwc.com/sustainability updates, with lots more to go, but i need some sleep, LaDee is laying on my pillow snoring, Woofer (who usually sleeps on the sofa with Tony anymore) under the covers on my leg and at the end of the bed for a change is Willy, Witness and Weirdo...so until tomorrow when i try to finish those changes up....adieu

January 20, 2006

almost killed me but not quite

Alright so our internet connection was down all nite on the nite of the 14th, and instead of doing anything i slept...yeah. And I'm glad that i did because it was about the last time until i almost died...well felt like it.  Worked all day sunday, sundya nite and monday and went and made an S&M-ish doggy Valentine's Window monday nite when i couldnt take work any more then came home at 11pm and went and had some drinks.  Slept a couple of hours afterwards then worked some more until i went to a working meeting with 2 people on Tuesday at our Jersey City office, for our handbook.  Worked on that til 3:30am after visiting with a friend of Tonys that dropped by and left them to chat alone to work more.  Started feeling a bit blah.  Slept a couple hours then (Surprise) worked all day, went thru a conference call at 4 and then worked all nite til 1am, where i took a break and took 3 loads of cat litter and food from one store to the other (650# each load about)...which made me feel a bit worse) and then came home and worked at 3:30...i'm also covering for my friend Adam.  Well at about 3pm i started feeling horrible and then started vomiting about every hour until 3am.  legs aching and head pounding i slept and did a little work all nite long.  Today i started feeling quite a bit better, but stomach still feels a little queezy, otherwise im about 82% normal...I do have to go and do another inventory swap between the 2 stores tonite, but shouldnt be anywhere as bad and i'll take it slow *yeah yeah*.  I caught up on alot of work today but still have alot to do this weekend.  At least Adam gets back on Monday and can take over his stuff again for the most part (i always do a bit of his a week) and things will get back to normal--for me anyways.

 im gonna go throw in some laundry and wake up tony and see if he wants to eat something before i head over to the stores.

January 14, 2006

Tornadic Toiling

er wait that's the weather, The Jefferson's was just interrupted to let us know there's a Tornado Warning out...Odd in January especially.  they said between 1-2 inches of rain today and tonite, and 1-3 inches of snow sunday morning, then warm again on Tuesday. 

 Still working away but only 18 of the first set of pages left to edit and approve...blah i wanted to get a couple hours sleep, but lookin less likely.  I did post up the new artist page on the pet store site too.  Laying here in bed with my while i work are LaDee (as always--she's my workin pal consistently for the last few weeks), Willy and Weirdo, so the bed is pretty empty for a change.  Tony zonked out at about 7:30pm since he cleaned all nite thursday and went to Target and Staples.

My Camera got back from the shop yesterday (my new one that i dropped in DC), of course now I can't find the battery charger, but i know it's around here somewhere.  I'll try to find it before Rick's birthday dinner tonite to grab some candids at least.  Still gotta shoot some of the new car too.  And if we ever get this place cleaned back up and the remainder of the XMas crap stored, i'll take some of the Loft and the work we've been doin on it lately.


January 13, 2006


readded some more iceland fotos that i had accidentally removed...i'll try to get the remaining ones off the cameras and add them as well sometime tonite.

Work sucks...to catch up monday all day, nite (note i did run to the stores to pick up the deposits monday nite), tuesday all day all nite-->work; Wednesday morning-->work; Wednesday Afternoon-->Office meeting/Office Party; Wednesday night-->Home fight then sleep; Thursday morning afternoon all night-->work; and Friday morning I get a break and do and get the car inspected and get my tags and registration, got back about 9:45 and pretty much haven't moved except to run upstairs to give Rick his Birthday gifts for 10 min. (Happy BDay Rick--43).  Anyways at least that's done so i have my tags to speed about town for real now.  I don't see much of a break this weekend, as I see no end to the work I have.  Tonite I'm working on 56 pages that need updating, after that I have Automotive Shareholder indices to update (big long tabular numbers), followed by huge updates to pwc.com/securitisation and then on to the Firm's webmaster guide which is due Tuesday when I have to go to a meeting all day at the Jersey City office.

 I am gonna try to take an hour break in a little while to break the monotony if to do nothing else then try to sort thru the shit piled on my desk, or maybe take a shower?  I guess I should probably do a couple more invoices for clients, getting paid and getting some cash would make it seem a little worth it...yeah yeah whine whine boohoo, i know noone listens or cares anyways.

Ahhh i did spy something in the newspaper that i had been wondering about, i see the 2 little Mars Rovers are still going strong a year and a half after their demise was predicted!  I dunno why but i love those little rovers...

January 11, 2006

Back to the lovely life i lead...

Ok so first the "who the hell cares everyday stuff"?:

Greg's day: Did all the morning animal stuff except the dogs; Laundry 4 loads; animal cage cleaning: 3; general cleanup: 2 hours give or take; PwC work: finished and sent 2 invoices from November (yea!); US home page: 1hr; press room: 45min; 2 conference calls; 2 new Financial Services pages; renewing/fixing pages about to expire: 9; HRI pages: 2.  Did the night animal work, walked the dogs and fed them.  Went to both Pet stores, backed up the computers, picked up all the deposits from when we were gone and transfered stuff from 2nd street to the park.  Then caught up on this journal.  That's all the bitchy stuff I can think of...so after I give Tony's (what i know of) i'll  talk of nicer thoughts...

Tony's (again only what I saw, so he doesnt yell at me saying he does more): Walked the dogs; got us breakfast from McD's; took Woofer to the Vet; walked the dogs and ordered us dinner which we went upstairs and ate with Rick & Brad.

 OK whatever..if you feel like skipping the above, i think i may just list the crap like that then tell of other crap or thoughts or maybe sing a little ditty down here...

Hmmm Stuff: I did get a call today that PwC wants me to continue on a website manual that i've been working on, so that they can publish it internally, which is pretty cool, guess i'm not doin such a sucky job as i thought.  Got to finally drive the new car around to the Pet Stores tonite, which was good - I missed my baby while we were gone and although it was a great time with Tony and we NEVER EVEN FOUGHT!!!! I mean Shit!  That's a miracle, we went to London for 4 days once and never even spoke!---anyway although it was a great time, i still missed my little black convertible boy here waiting for me in the garage just to rev him up and take him out on the town.

It's also cool how you can visibly see how much all of our kids missed us while we were gone, it's heartening to know that they really do love us, since it seems like they are the only ones most of the time, I looked in the mirror before we ran up to Rick and Brads' and pretty much shoulda puked but i didn't have enough moisture in my system, so i just darted my eyes and shaved and showered and cleaned up ok.  I need to do alot of work on myself again, i'm not feeling  very able to go out in public anymore, really, and i have a meeting and work dinner tomorrow, which sucks when you are self depracating, I'll have a drink or 2 or find a faunt of happiness somewhere to get me thru it.  I'm still almost on top of work since i did work some on my vacation, but it was a tuff day to keep it under control and if it stays this way i'll be buried under again b4 you know it.  I want to post a few more Iceland fotos on here so i'm gonna sign offa typin on here tonite.  Yeah these are all rated g fotos, can't believe noone has found that secret little password form yet)


January 09, 2006

Last day Before Normality returns

We got up pretty early to catch our tour bus to the Blue Lagoon Spa on the way to the airport, however after Tony got ready and we were all packed up, he felt sick, so we skipped it and hung  out in the hotel til 2:15 when a taxi would pick us up.  Well i did run down to a grocery and grab some sodas and an icecream, and went to the tourist centre for a few postcards and a couple souvenirs for us (sorry everyone, this was a selfish trip)...And tony did run out and bring us back some burgers.  We caught the cab just in time to make our bus for the :45 min ride back to the airport.  Customs and everything went smooth and we went and sat and waited to take off.  Tony went to the duty free shops and mailed postcards and i did some work as we watched the idiots get in line to board the plane. (i never understood this one--it's not gonna go anywhere - so as usual we waited an hour and then walked up and got right on the plane).  The ride home was pretty smooth, except for a couple stupid bitches that bothered the flight staff every 17min or less, and one enormous dude that stood blocking the aisle so everyone had to climb one last mountain before getting to the states. 

 No traffic at all on the Belt Pkwy, so the car took it and got us home before 8pm.  I unpacked us both and started the laundry and started a mountain of work that was due, Tony talked on the phone about our trip to all of his family and friends i think.  He came to bed around 11 and zonked out and while working in bed i soon did the same...

January 08, 2006

Sunday runs into monday (you get our thinking)

Best time last nite!  Things slow way down on sundays =) Good day to take a tour if you're not so damn tired from the party scene (which i still highly recommend!!)  So we got up and had some dinner at Cafe Olivier (again try this place--it turns into a nice lounge after 10pm too).  Then e went walking around in the rain to find something to do.  Most places were closed for the night, so we stopped into a cafe for 1 drink.  There sat the nice Londoners we had met on Friday at the Leather Bar (a hidden one) and Pravda.  we had a short chat before they left and Ziggy came in, we chatted with him and had a few drinks to round out the evening and learned alot more about the local scenes and ideologies.  Sebastian came in for 15min or so and then we all left about 1am and said our goodbyes and Tony and I headed back to Room-with-a-View for our last nite.

January 07, 2006

Saturday night...

Started off Saturday by waking up around 2pm, meeting our new French Friend Sebastian, and heading over to brunch with Arnie, Omar, Ziggy and others.  Had a good briscuit sandwich (yeah tony didn't like obviously), then went to a local indoor flea market and did some jewelry window shopping.  We parted ways with Sebastian and went upstairs to veg a bit more.  About 11pm we walked down and got some food at a latenite hotdog/pizza place then headed bacxk to Pravda for the nite.  Started off slow but around 2 or 3am it was packed again.  I had a lot to drink and Tony didnt - he danced, i didnt - he flirted, i did.  We made a couple more new friends (2 girls from Island and a guy from Seattle)...had a few young admirers watching us (yum) some guy invited us all back to a private party, but when we left at 7:30am we just got some hotdogs from a stand and then headed home to sleep some more...which we did....

January 06, 2006

Bug me not or Articulate Arctic

January 5&6 --> (i'm going to date these on their actual day even tho i'm writing afterwards so that i can keep up on the current date as well)...

 so not well traveled!  After rushing out to the car that was picking us up, (with my laptop still on, cell card active, working through the tunnels and until the plane took off), we started our journey off to a harried hurried start.  We quickly unwound on IcelandAir with a couple drinks and took off around 8:30pm, 5-ish hours later we arrived amidst a windy snowstorm at 6:30am in Keflavik and caught our bud to our hotel Room-with-a-View in Reykjavik (Which i've gotta say is a fantastic place to stay, and if you go to Iceland and don't stay there on our recommendation, I will track you down and kick your ASS!

The owner, Arnie, met us as we got off of the elevator, and took us to our great apartment (nice jacuzzi tub, kitchen, huge bed, internet access, and a view you couldn't create is you were god and had 12 more days to try.  We napped for a couple hours then headed next door to a trendy yet non stuffy restaurant/bar, Cafe Oliver.  As we were eating Arnie walked in and chatted with us for awhile (Everyone or just about, speaks fantastic English), then got a map and spotted out great spots for us to go shopping (my influence on that choice obviously), which of course we did...It never really got very daylight, as it was pretty stormy, but we really didn't mind, it wasn't horribly cold, and Tony had a nice coat so we walked around town til we got tired and went and napped again for a bit.

OK if you are reading to find all of the natural wonders of Iceland (which I assure you are plentiful), let me burst your bubble--I'm first of all not known as Nature Boy (you know bugs,..yuk), and knowing that there's a nitelife not to be beat, we decided to put off the tours until our next trip back and concentrate on Food, Fun and Clubs!  There are alot of very cool tours to go on and i assure you that we are going to have a couple of non-weekend days to explore next trip. Anyway we met up with Arnie and his friend's at Thor's Birthday party (80y/o) very nice great group of people who took us in and introduced us to local life and some great people.  From there we went to a small "hidden" bar that most people won't know about before we went to Pravda...the huge club in town.  We met a few people and, yes even greg, danced til 5 or 6am (i think...), before wondering in and out of a couple more clubs and heading back to the apt for a few hours sleep.  (whew..ok enough info given for now, I'll be back for Day 2 entry soon).

January 05, 2006

Injury #1 of the year

Not wanting to start off the new year too differently than those past...

 I went up to the pet store to do some late night work, before we leave for our trip tomorrow to Iceland.  I stopped by the 2nd street store and grabbed their Xmas decorations to store in the basement at the Park.  I lug them inside, open the basement door, step back and picked them up, got the back of my shoe caught on the ledge and twisted around dropping my right leg down into the basement, catching myself from falling totally in, which twisted my leg around and allowed for the door to slam (like this-->  BAM) onto the bag of my knee. I lay there relishing the pain for awhile, before getting up and admiring my new cut and bruise. Nothing broken yet so it could be worse.  We'll see how far I get into 2006 with that record tho.

January 03, 2006

3rd of the year already??

OK it's the 3rd, so I missed saying it: Happy New Year, so there everyone can just go back to head nodding and grunting on the sidewalks instead of saying that all the time.  It's over now. Just a quick update on my exciting life since the last entry:

NY EVE: I went shopping at Target and Tony had a store manager meeting at FBTP with Jen & Sandy.  Then he came home and cleaned up some and got stuff ready to take up to Rick & Brad's for dinner and the ball drop, while I planted my saved Target plants (i hate seeing their clearance christmas plants sit there, so i bought a bunch of their paperwhite, amaryllis, etc kits and planted them).  Then I started setting up my new Musica.  Went to Rick & Brad's (3A) and had dinner along with Greg (1B) & Rich & Sofie (1A) and watched the ball drop with "good old"? Dick.  We came home after midnite and went up to the Cage til about 5am-ish? (not totally sure as i didn't check the time, and wouldnt remember had i done so. We stayed up a little longer than zonked out.

NY Day: Mostly laid around all day, Tony went and took care of Edith a couple hours and I did some work.  Then nitefall, Tony went to bed and I did alot of pwc.com work overnite.

2nd of Jan: Our 2nd Street Employee Cat didn't show up so Tony went and covered her til Edwin got there.  I did alot of PwC work during the day and worked on the laundry a little bit that Tony had started before he got called away.  I took the wreaths out of the windows to put away.  Tony got home around 6:30, we ordered pizza around 10pm and then I went to the ATM and the 2nd Street store, after I dropped stuff off at home, I went back to FBTP and fixed a computer register problem that we had been dealing with until about 2am then I came home and worked on pwc.com work until 4:30.

Today, finally: We got moving around at about 10:30am but Tony woke up sick so stayed on the couch under covers.  I got alot of new PwC.com work so worked on it after taking care of the animals.  Tony wanted some vitamin C, so I ran to Stop & Shop and got that for him, went to the bank and deposited a rent check from FL and then mailed out an order we had gotten from Fetch-It Online before returning home to do more work and finish the laundry, which is where I am at right now with LaDee snoring here beside me on bed and Weirdo, Whispen, Willy and Wexler scattered about the bed.  It looks like it's stopped snowing/raining/icing outside now as well.  I'm gonna grab a little bit of food now and get back to work.