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March 29, 2006

What dreams may not come

Since life sucks 82% of the time, dreams may be more interesting, so here's mine from last nite (of course edited for time/space and so as not to give people nightmares as mine tend to be graphic and violent):

There was a huge flood which killed so many people, and then there was no drinking water hardly because it was all contaminated, and i kept giving children and Hotties that were left my share, and the lack of water caused me to have a condition not unlike what I would think that a mind of a Down's Syndrome sufferer might experience without the physical abnormalities.  Throughout the rest of the entire dream I was thinking like that and not able to think and especially express myself like i wanted ....  it was very frustrating and creepy...so of course i would wake up and start right back to it...I found i was very good at building natural habitats for vietnamese guinea pigs, however the whole of the new society didnt see that as important and since i was wasting more of their precious resources they tried everyway they could to kill me and my guinea pigs.   I did make it through the  night with a small band of companions tho.

March 09, 2006

Does your daddy love you this much?

somehow i doubt it...Man what a cool pop!


March 06, 2006

Quick Weekend Trip

I drove down to Richmond for a quick visit to my Dad's for his 73rd Birthday (which was sunday)...He's such a cool person and my Stepmom was able to keep it a surprise--which it seemed to be a pleasant one. I left about 10:30am, got there in the 3 oclock hour and we (me, dad, claudia, my step-sister, her hubby and their 2 boys)...we ate at Brio Tuscan Grill and honestly had the best Filet Minon of my life.

We went home and chatted til 11ish when they retired for the evening, I went upstairs and did some work on the Oscar's foto contest on the pet store website (we've been getting some cool entries).  I fell asleep sometime and was able to get about 7 hours sleep...more than in a long long time.  They got home from church (what the hell are you kidding me...me go with them? I didnt wanna start any fires on my dad's bday) and we went and dropped off our benz at the tire store to get a new tire (it had a bubble on it), then went to Red Lobster for lunch (another steak, lots of biscuits and iced tea), picked up the car and i headed home, where i relaxed for an hour or so, then worked til about 4am...

So things are back to normal...just waiting on the insurance company to let me know when they will let the dealership shop start fixing my little new wrecked baby (oh don't know that story from last week...i miss him right now as it's supposed to get warm - good top down weather later this week and he's broken...sigh)