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April 30, 2006

Shopping Saturdays!!

Topday we went down to Paulus Hook and I bought a shirt from Life then we had a late lunch at Light-Horse Tavern.  After that we took the PATH over to Century 21 (The Department Store), and bought some clothes (i think my bill was about $1250..Tony's $300).  I got a nice Versace suit, and Tony got a cool Kenneth Cole one.

 Shopped out, we headed back to Jersey City, ran by the pet stores and picked up the deposits, and had dinner and a couple drinks at White Star Bar, where they were having an AIDS Walk fundraiser.  Then Tony wanted to go home and nap so we could hit a club tonite.  And then wouldn't wake up, so I did some online browsin around, lookin at some new gadgets, and decided to work a bit.  It's 1:17am now, so i'm gonna go ahead and do an hour of work or so before get some sleep.  Have to go into the city Monday and Tuesday for meetings and workshops, so prolly no goin out tomorrow either.  My liver should thank me i'm guessin, a couple extra days for some regeneration.

April 26, 2006


Well I have a couple of big projects to do for work, but I really don't feel like workin on them too much, but since I'm just sitting here bored, I thought I'd finally update a bit of this site.  I finally added some new photos to the gallery.  And started updating the styles of a couple other pages, thinking i may redo the site to look more like this blog...I also updated the home page as well, even tho I plan on updating the design soon.

 Someone did something so disgusting and heinous today at the building i'm so pissed off, but i'll talk about that after awhile. Fuckin asshole people in the world you know.  I think i should be allowed to fuckin throw people against a wall and crack open their chest with a pickaxe. I'd make the world a better place.  Well maybe worse, but it'd be my kind of bad.


April 08, 2006

AC Bound

Well not bound by ropes, well as far as i know yet.  Heading down to Atlantic City today and tomorrow for the Spring Pet Convention to see new products and get some deals for the stores, hopefully.  In other words spend lots of money on the pet stores.  We don't really gamble at all, so most of the city scene is wasted on us, but there is a club...we'll see...

April 07, 2006

Cool plans

So we decided to do something cool that goes to a charity every year, and i just got us tickets to a very cool one...including the after concert reception and stuff.

The Empire State Pride Agenda Foundation invites you to an intimate evening with Rufus Wainwright as he performs Judy Garland's legendary 1961 Carnegie Hall performance - at Carnegie Hall!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006, 8:00 pm

Carnegie Hall

Additionally, the June 14th performance will be followed by a post-concert reception with Rufus at a fabulous location overlooking Central Park. If you are a true Rufus fan, you don't want to miss your opportunity to hang out with him after the show.

Host Committee: Alan Cumming, Rick Gove, Steven Green,
Kimberly Kakerbeck, Tony Kushner, Mark Paviluk, Frank Selvaggi

April 03, 2006


Nice Job:

"My argument to Democrats has been that we need to cling to the core values that make us Democrats, the belief in universal health care, the belief in universal education, and then we should be agnostic in terms of how to achieve those values."

-Sen. Barack Obama