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June 27, 2006

half assed odds-&-ends

Been back working way too much and still lots to do, one day i'll say nope to a webproject and fall over from a heart attack b4 the client is.  Did get a couple shoppin breaks this weekend so I picked up a 320Gig external hard drive to put all of our home/store computers stuff on to back up, yeah ok quite a few new Guess clothes and some Bombay co stuff. Still no new shoes yet and it's been weeks!  Altho i do have my eyes on the next 2 pairs, im gonna try to restrain.  Had a pretty party weekend as we went out to clubs in the city thursday, friday and saturday - i think.  Same life different week, so nothing too exciting.  Trying to get our household under some sort of organised control before we have lots of family visitors at the end of next month, and Madonna Center Floor seats tomorrow nite.

 This is the best thing on the web right now as far as i'm concerned - if you like classic video games or just creative people, so check it out!

June 20, 2006

Military men

and so goes on the lack of thoughts of the nations upper echelon of protectors for our ?freedoms?