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July 16, 2006

2 years today

so yeah today is our 2 year NJ legal domestic partnership anniversary, which is awesome from a legality standpoint.  And personally I don't care if they ever call anything marriage or whatever, because America, as well as most places is a bigoted hateful place and we could have it worse, so whatever.  But whenever states like Nebraska yesterday, and NY last week put people down for whatever reason, or exclude people from basic rights, just stop spending money there.  Geez cmon guys they don't want us there so move to Massachussettes or hopefully NJ or Canada or where the fuck ever, but fuckin boycott these states that dont let you live as you should.  Groups always boycott businesses for gay rights or whatever (think Disney Gay Days, Viacom benefit rights, etc)...so spend your money elsewhere and fuck all the stupid backwards Bush lovin-idiots that America is so infamous for. Cmon wake up.


July 09, 2006

Squishy Sundays

Because we went to bed early last nite and didnt go out for a change, I woke up with much (ok well 1/2) vim & vigor, and went about feeding the animals. We've had a llittle house mouse for a little while now, which doesnt bother us alot much at all - if he could keep away from the cats and not bother us, more power to him.  Well I guess last nite he couldnt quite keep away from the cats, for as I bounded round the table to go to the frogs' tank and feed them I stepped hard on something - thinking it was a dog toy - I sort of scooted it aside and looked down and yup I stepped squarely on the dead (yeah im sure it already was) mouse's stomach and squished it.  -- Let the vomiting begin!

July 04, 2006

Happy and sad 4th of July

Well ok I guess we should say Happy 4th to keep up a front. but not sure our Independence day is all it used to be cracked up to be, how many of us are really that proud right now of how things are handled,

 And the saddest thing...the 2nd of the only 2 lowland gorillas at the National Zoo died within a week today.  He was 34 and died of heart failure.  Meanwhile the first dies a couple of days ago during heart surgery.

July 02, 2006

hot 4th weekend.

Sooo miserably hot this past weekend and today, could barely keep the roof down on the car without the ac blasting, I know I know, what a friggin hardship i had to go thru.  Independence Day or Co-dependents day, tomorrow? Not sure any of it matters.

 Great Quote from Oswald on Drew Cary - "That excuse is as useless as FDR's legs."