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August 20, 2006

do or dont

so yeah i've been pretty semi-lucky but also smart about what i surround myself with, so tonite was the first time i have ever felt unsafe un a mass of people for who they assumed me to be and it sucks in a scary way (specially when half of them are carrying guns on the police force)...not sure what happened or what was said but i was playin darts with friends and all of the sudden i noticed that everyone was watchin us (or me) and i basically was told to dart out...anyway cool but uncool i felt like crap but nothing happened (and tony was asleep at home and not interested when i called home) but i did go to a local biz owner nearby that knows the stuff goin on and i guess it's goin on.  So anyways i'm thinking i'll go back better armed next week...HOT right?

August 19, 2006

Liver Alone

yeah i know but we just got in from clubbin and stuff a little while ago and Scream is on...and that's one of the best movie lines ever...Get it?  Liv-er Alone...the liver in the mailbox...haha yeah i know it's a hell of alot funnier if you are inside my skull, so try that next time.  Damn just liver me alone (see it only works in special situations..not there...)...