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October 25, 2006

A gay day in Old N.J.

At 3:00 today the New Jersey Supreme Court unanimously ruled that same-sex couples must have access to the rights and benefits of marriage, and gave the New Jersey legislature six months to decide how to make that happen and if it should be called marriage or something else.

October 22, 2006

Mom and Angela

Well I know i said how I had flown down to surprise my mom for her 60th birthday, well to say I suprised her is putting it very mildly - I thought to show just how much I would post up a little photo of her expression (sorry mom) - click here for a larger version.


Moms Bday surprise


 Anyway after that was all finished we went back to my mother's house - and since I always express an interest in keeping all of our family "history" (fotos, clippings, scrapbook stuff), my mother had a second copy of a newspaper clipping of my sister, Angela, and I, so i brought it home and scanned it in for your viewing pleasure.  (Again click here for the full sized image)




 As my mom is able she's going to start getting our family photos to me so I can scan them and put them on DVD.  I'll of course post some of the more interesting of them.

October 20, 2006

Restaurant review

So last night we felt like exploring a new place that had opened for dinner and we headed to O'Connells on Montgomery Street in Jersey City (used to be Oddfellows).  They did nice renovations and the staff was very nice and accomodating.  We got our drinks and Tony remarked that his margharita was the best one he had ever had.  The bread that was brought out was great (with sundried tomatos/juice instead of olive oil), and Tony loved his salad (great cool presentation as well).  Our steaks came out (mine filet minion with mashed purple sweet potatos and asparagus), I'm not big on asparagus so it went untouched but the steak and potatos were excellent.  His choice was the skirt steak with fries, which deserved a similar rave.  After our second round of drinks we were full and got our check.  Total was just under $100, which is about average/good cost when we go out for steaks so no surprises there.  Overall no complaints and great food so we highly recommend it!

October 19, 2006

compliments when you are dead

So last saturday i flew down to Tampa to take my mom out to dinner for her 60th bday, and flew back home sunday.  Which was an ok thing to do..but my sister gave me a backhanded comment that meant alot to me and i don't think she knows.

 So she said ..."I can't believe my brother became such an activist".  and you gotta realize, that i (of course never do anything nice--just ask tony) but i do some good for society, but she doesn't realize at all (as noone does cause i tend to keep my benevolent side quieter)..but for her to say that with a nice look on her face meant so much to me.  So that was my soft spot and i'll not own up to it again for awhile...especially with us hating each other now...different story different time....But as much as i show no positive emotion, I hope my sister Angela knows that I have always appreciated her, and she made me feel better in my head than anyone has in a long long fuckin time!

October 10, 2006

Back and catchin' up

Back from Vegas & D.C. finally and trying to get all caught up on work and life.  Hoping to post some of the fotos tonite or tomorrow from DC - already posted alot of Vegas. Overall a fantastic time on both with only a couple minor skirmishes.

 Had a good time meeting the boys (and the girls) of Nemesis in Vegas and hanging with them as well at thr HRC National Dinner and afterparty at Halo in DC. (Yeah I peed next to Noah in the bathroom at the dinner as well).  Hello to everyone at our table!!  Eric & Brendan (um hi u 2--yum), Lorna, Joshua, Bruce, John, Tim, crap I'm forgettin 2 but will re-edit you in!

Just posted up some of the photos from the reunion and the HRC dinner...