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December 29, 2006

barefoot and preggars?

but come on........housework may save your lives now! I knew we needed you girls for somethin!  heh heh ...hate to say im kiddin but now its a fact!

December 27, 2006


Had a really nice Christmas this year.  Started off nice and quiet and I got to sleep in until about 11am. 

1 A good 11 hours of sleep or so with no ambien source!  Tony got up and started cooking early so we could host dinner for our friends that live in the building.   We opened up our gifts around 1pm and while I straightened up a little and brought up the Christmas dishes (yeah we have 3 sets of different Christmas China)...Tony kept cooking.

 Our guests got here around 4pm.  Rich, Kim, Luca & Sofia (from 1A); Greg & Robin (from 1B); Ian & Laurie (from 1G); and Jane (from 2G).  Tony made a Turkey breast, honey split ham, green beans, rolls, mustard greens, corn on the cob, salad & mashed potatoes (Apple pie for dessert). Kim brought Green bean casserole, Yams, pumpkin pie, wine and cupcakes.  Jane brought cupcakes and wine.  Ian & Laurie brought beer & tequila.  We all had a great dinner and a couple of drinks, and while everyone chatted after dinner (and snacked of course), I cleaned up all the dishes and everything.

 We split up the leftovers between the neighbors as they left (around 9:30pm); then Tony took a plate over to Edith while I finished straightening up and rearranging the furniture. I went to bed to try to sleep (Tony came in about 11 or so and fell fast asleep on the couch) but tossed and turned, so I did some work and then finally took an ambien at about 2:30am to get some rest--which worked because I slept solid until about 6am, then got up a couple times (to eat and relieve myself) but kept falling back to sleep until about 10am when I got up and walked the dogs and took care of the animals.  Tony was feeling ill all day so slept and rested most of the day--we hope he's not getting an after-Christmas cold.

Wanted to say thanks to everyone for our gifts--We love our Brookstone slippers from Dad & Claudia; my Mom way outdid herself again and sent way too much. Tony's mom sent me some very nice Coca-cola memorabelia (that i didn't already have!) and sent Tony a Beautiful carnival-glass punch bowl/glasses set; unfortunately the bowl broke during shipping even tho i've never seen anything packed so well; Barbara sent an IKEA gift certificate.  Thanks Aggie and Barry - we love the fondue and ornaments, etc.  Val & Skip - great GC and Brookstone digital frame keychain.  (Greg & Robin for the lava cake set & creative photo; Kim/Rich for the terrific lazy susan; Ian/Laurie for the Antique iron doggy doorstop; Sandy, George, Bryan and the gang for the liquor!!).  Everyone that brought us gifts to our party on Saturday nite (never necessary but always appreciated)...and pitched in by bringing liquor/beer.

& Thanks Tony for getting our wall downstairs finally built for me and getting  another WideScreen LCD installed within it--I love you!


December 20, 2006

Great Mary & Joseph

Just like Mary and just in time for Christmas!!

December 08, 2006

this is just wrong

to even bring up...



December 06, 2006

Spaced Out

Sitting in my London hotel room and hoping my ambien kicks in at least before I have to leave for a big meeting in the morning, doin a little catchup work and browsing some news to catch up on the world. And knowing that I find space things so damn cool...this is extra cool when you make note that it says in the last few years - not the last few thousand or million.