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January 26, 2007

Follow up to my 5000 miles entry

So those who haven't heard, I chose something unique to do to commemorate my 5000 mile turnover on my car...ahem.  Actually i believe it was right at 5005 miles.  Last Thursday, after work in the city and going to meet Tony in Hoboken...

I was sitting at the light of 9th & Washington in Hoboken and when it turned green I decided to go.  MISTAKE!  I was pummeled by a Firetruck, yeah one of the big ones (and no it didn't have sirens on as it went through the light).  I got pretty hysterical and terrified and as I sat in shock one of the police (might have been a head fireman with a blue cap) started yelling at me like i was a piece of shit. Getting my wits about me I called Tony as fast as I could on my cell phone so he could verify that this jerk was being soooo mean to me. I was crushed and still in shock and terrified and not sure what was going on.

Now when I say I was hysterical - I kid not.  Tony showed up and came to console me, rubbing the top of my head, he was asked (again he would know - either by a cop or fireman) why he was there and he said "this is my partner" only for us to get ridiculed for being gay...soonn followed by the whole squadron looking over at us and laughing.

Now when the first police officer asked me for my registration and insurance I was still in shock (as I was for a couple days i think), I always keep all of my stuff, to a fault, so I keep pulling out my insurance cards (past) and handing them to him (remember I had just been hit hard by a firetruck), he said this one is expired as was the last, can you find a current one or do you have one?  Then I said -- Look sir (not bitchy i don't think cause i didnt have my wits) I'm in shock I am getting it to me will you please give me a minute.  He then backed off a bit and I immediately found the current insurance and registration and gave to him.

Thankfully Tony got there quickly since we were going to meet anyways, he helped take care eof things because I was a total mess.  They put a neck brace on me to my protest and I was getting terrified and Tony made them take it off and I signed a waiver (then they tried it again...and again i signed) - the only thing I complained about was my ribs and hip. 

 Nice experience, eh?  Anyways I still don't know how my car is or anything, but I was very sore for many days (and only today am feeling close to normal--minus a small pain in my rib and a pulled muscle in my back). I'm still a little freaked and feel nervous walking outside even, but that's my own head-probs.  I did drive back from dropping Tony off at the airport yesterday (His mom had surgery today and my best thoughts and Love are with them that things will be ok).  And I went to my friend Joyce's Mom's wake on Wednesday (My neighbor Kim drove) and after a slight panicky feeling it was ok--I was worried about that as I hadn't seen anyone or even left home to even walk the dogs for 6 days and I don't need to get in the shut-in habit at all

...so I'm definitely on the mend both physically and in my head.  Of course I had to go to Target and the pet stores last night and saw about 7 ambulance's at different points and 2 Firetrucks were pulling in the station near the store. 

In a couple of days I will post before and after fotos of a nice "feel better" gift that our great neighbors gave me.  Special thanks to Sandy and Kim for helping me get thru things too.

 Finally happy 3rd birthday to Kim's son Luca.   We love him (and them).


getting Dirt-y

I missed the premiere but have caught the other episodes of "Dirt" on FX...I've always liked Courtney Cox and David Arquette, but this show is right and tight up my alley.  In the gutter but with a perfect Strike!  "Hold the goddam foot up and don't close your eyes..look at me...I'm sorry" Classic, maybe only because I'm sure that was one of our friends, if we knew what went on at their home.

 Watch - it if you haven't.


January 17, 2007

(proclaimers be damned)...i would drive 5000 miles...

ok, so I looked down on the way to Simple from Target tonite and noticed my car is at 4995 miles... And of course when i get home I'm at 4997 miles, so I'm thinking ... it really doesn't seem that far but there's alot you can do in 3 miles, and I'm wondering what the coolest thing i could do in that amount of mile would be. I know, i know--my imagination is probably the wrong way to even think but still...any ideas??

January 12, 2007

Filmed in our home...

Our friends/neighbors filmed the sexy part of this segment (of a longer movie about a retarded serial killer) in our Trading Spaces room downstairs...


January 08, 2007

Gassy Mondays and Children

Our neighbor Greg awakened me this morning with the ringing of the doorbell - normally i'd let it ring but i was hungry anyway so I went and got it....

He was in the Hallway opening up the windows and the front building door saying we needed to tell the neighbors that the building could go up anytime from the smell of heavy gas.  I smelled it immediately and said ok - so as he went to tell the neighbors, I came back inside and got some Lucky Charms.  I'm pretty sure that I had heard once that it's horrible to die from gas when your stomach is empty, something about dry heaving or some nonsense.  After I got finished I went downstairs to make sure Tony was alive and knew about it and as I did the news broke in and said that there was a gas smell all over NYC and Northern New Jersey. Still not sure what it was, I don't think the news had said, but my friend Adam called from San Fran and assured me that it wasn't him, i'm pretty sure I believe him because the winds were coming in from the South and it would have taken a week for his smells to get here...although i'm sure they could make it since he has unmentionable, noxious diseases that the picks up and passes along whenver possible.

Oh the Children mentioned in the header up above aren't necessarily gassy too, but instead an allusion to the fact that I saw "Children of Men" on Saturday.  If you haven't seen it - get up off your lazy ass and go...it's horrifying, fascinating and just plain disturbing.  Of course it fits perfectly with my mind.  I recommend seeing it alone or with someone that you won't have to explain things to because parts of it do rely on the viewer to be smarted than the popcorn that people eat there. A funny side note - I went to the 1:30  showing on saturday afternoon (when it was 72 degrees out and I drove to Edgewater with the top down on the car), I went in and sat down - looked around, then gathered my belongings (popcorn and coke) and went back out to make sure I was in the correct venue.  There were about 25 people in there, average age of about 75, and it's a pretty graphic sci-fi movie.  I went back in and then after listening to a few of the humerous and sometimes bawdy conversations around me, I learned that it was a daily outing for the community next door and this was about the only new movie left for them to see.  Although the 2 women in front of me did stress about how they would see Clive Owen in anything - he is such a good and hot actor...and I also learned that Renee Zellwegger looks sensuous and amazing in her Glamour spread--lots of fun details like that came across the backs of their seats during the 12 minutes before the movie started.

 Last - I finally began sticking my new, small saltwater tank today.  I ran to the store and got a couple fish, shrimp, coral, anemone and fiddlehead (or something)...Salt water tank.

(and for good measure here's a picture of Wuzzy as I gave her crickets for the week.)

Wuzzy the tarantula

January 02, 2007

Slaughtering my Lambiens

Pretty much caught up on all of my work and now just waiting for my Ambien to kick in to give me my good 5 or so hours of sleep that it can usually get me--but it's taking forever tonite.

Pretty dull start to the new year so you'd think i could drift off anytime without it.  Watched some TV last nite to bring in the new year (actually i may have been in the shower at the actual turn of the dial).  I think Tony was watchin TV downstairs or something, didn't see him til this morning. Then watched some more TV and worked on the web til my New Year ambien helped me out. 

Woke up this morning and continued my TV watchin, but also worked most of the day on finishing up some web projects.  Tony made a nice lunch, I guess a New Year's lunch altho Happy New Year hasn't been mentioned in the house as far as I know -- otherwise been doing the same til now...and waiting now for some zzz's.  Guess I'll sign off and wait without my brain scanning this thing. 

 Good Nite!