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September 24, 2007

For my personal property and body

protection as well as Tony's --I'm writing this blog right after alot of police were just called to our building for an altercation with our neighbors.  They purposely parked in our spot then started threatening fights with us, threatening both our wellbeing and our property,  If anything happens to our vehicle tonite in our spot, it is Unit 3A in our building.  The cameras were taping outside on everything that happened.

 Weird blog I know, but necessary with the threats that were received.

September 19, 2007

Sally, sally what?

So for some reason (she was looking to buy in the building they tell me) Sally Jesse Rafael was standing outside tonite when I got home from watching the Yankees (win 12-0!!!! NICE)...but anyways, she asked me if it was a safe building/area, so I told her I remembered back in 2000 when a prostitute from the neighborhood threw a muskrat at my face but I sideswiped it and it ran across the street and it then went on to build a nice little Bodega, which I kept trying to go into it and they said no non-muskrats allowed so I was like WTF, You are the only muskrat in the hood and you tried to eat my face.  He went in the backroom (i think embarrased but we'll never know)...He never came back out so I climbed up the hill over the ocean next door and smacked the bluebird (I was told to do this a few nites ago by a spatula hanging over something that I could never recognise but it's better that way)...and damned if I didn't end up in bed with a nice orange soda perfectly chilled on ice, typing this....screwy eh?

True Story....TBC 

September 10, 2007

Caught up on the galleries!!

I finally uploaded a bunch of more photos in our gallery.  And am all caught up, after doing a few hundred.  Here's the new ones:

I'm really going to try to keep up on them.

September 09, 2007

Misery part 2...

I miss my cat Whisper horribly tonite...

September 05, 2007

Yankee Clipper (or Peter Jeter)...

So yesterday we caught the 5:20 Yankee Clipper Ferry over to the Stadium.  It's about 1:20 ride but it was nice with good company (and a few Vodka/Cranberries).  We had great seats a couple rows back from 3rd base (pics uploaded now).  And they didn't let us down and kicked quite a bit of Seattle Ass!!!