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October 31, 2007

Picture updates

I added 100 or so more pictures from September 28th-today in our galleries, you can view them here:  http://www.gregandtony.com/galleries/2007/oct07/index.html

October 29, 2007

quick yankee blog

Saw Joe Torre on David Letterman by mistake tonite...he was on when I came in the hotel room....Anyways one of the nest interviews I've seen, such a nice guy....Yeah Ron Gidry I'm ready for cause he's good and nice to look at, but Torre was so respectful and nice and everything....I'll miss him.

 Heading back to Home in the morning -- Tony is staying for a couple more days--I'm ready to get back home, it's so not right in FL no matter how much you enjoy and love your mom and sister.....(s)

October 28, 2007

Red Sux

OK so the Red Sux won...whatever, we know it's an inferior everything.

Sitting at the Hyatt Lounge right now after having a nice afternoon visiting with my mom and sister (Barry ask Aggie about my concussion she knows the story know).  Great dinner tonite here with Tony's father for his 60th BDay, 20 people showed up--very nice.   Trying to finish up a web page that has to be posted shortly but Hyatt blocks down the Verizon speed on my aircard a bit since they partner with TMobile--yeah total conspiracy.  Can you hear me now?

Crap I hate that the Red Sux won...so badly...no more sports for me for awhile unless someone takes me to a Devils game or a boxing match in AC and I get re-hooked on those....

 Barry -- this blog took a bit to post because of the access but you are an avid reader I hear and definitely worth the wait  =)


October 24, 2007

Scary time of year...Yeah!

So I cannot stip watchin SciFi or AMC classics or anything with horror on since it's close to Halloween...just was out with my friends Susie and Jay at White Star til (too late but been home since 1:40ish)....anyways...Creepshow 2 is on now and watchin while I update a page (not the best scary move -- but sometimes things stick in your head, specially when it was a story from years back--Plus The Rock was in the Indian Statue story so it had to have some credibility...um yeah).  I remember the orginal short by Stephen King (The Raft), and moreso I remember my first year of college when one late late night my friends Stephanie, Mitch and Bryan went swimming in Lake Thonotosassa and then I remembered this story (shoulda prolly worried more for alligators--especially now watchin this movie and it just looks like a tarp under the water) and made us get the hell outta there, you can almost feel the water tryin to kill you.  Sweet...Not sure they knew why I freaked out, but yeah the sludge almost got us, I know that for a fact now.

October 19, 2007


New dishwasher + Tony = Flood in kitchen  

October 08, 2007

Last saturday in brief summary


concussion and bloody bar crawl shirt...bad

October 05, 2007


So, tomorrow starts the Jersey City art tour.  Yeah I should probably do that instead but...here's what I'm a level 3 participant of instead (go ahead and call the ambulance now...If you wanna join in tho--be there):

We will have final registration for the crawl at the Hamilton Ale House between 12pm – 1pm. Between that time, we will also be handing out t-shirts, 1 camera per team, score cards and taking last minute payments. The race will begin at 1pm. The order of the crawl is as follows:

1.  Hamilton Ale House - 708 Jersey Ave and 10th Street
2.  White Star - 230 Brunswick St and Pavonia
3.  Abby's - 407 Monmouth St and 3rd
4.  Pop Merrigans - 281 Newark Ave and Monmouth
5.  Lamp Post - 382 2nd St and Brunswick
6.  Barrow Street - 292 Barrow St and Mercer
7.  Rolon's - 242 Bay St and Erie
8.  Lucky 7 - 322 2nd St and Coles

Some Unofficial Rules:
Stay with your team! You cannot leave the bar until everyone in your group has finished drinking
Tier 3s drink 3 drinks per bar, tier 2s drink 2 and tier 1s drink 1.  A tier 1 can drink on behalf of another team player
Your team must follow the bar order
Scoring goes on the honor system you don’t have to use the score card, you can have bartenders sign your shirts, keep receipts, etc.  Whatever works for you (the prize isn't that good, so no need to cheat)
Again, the prize isn't that good and we don't actually expect anyone to finish… so please, don't hurt yourselves know your limit and drink responsibly (we're not responsible/liable for anything that may or may not happen to you during the crawl).
Regardless of where you are at 7:00 pay your tab and head over to Lucky 7

great video

OK I think this is fantastic albeit depressing, Tony disagrees and finds it boring.  Look deep and be amused and saddened...(plus good music)

 Evil Bee