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November 17, 2007

Murder someone, sure...count me in.

I could easily kill everyone involoved in this.  People are just so wrong.

November 15, 2007

An Angelacious entry

For my sister who loves Koala Bears!!

November 14, 2007

It's SEW time

I'm sew creeped out with myself.  A few weeks ago I had brunch at Simple and PJ and Alex were watching Project Runway (Season 2) marathon and they got me hooked. Well the premiere is tonite (yeah they are going to have it on at Simple again, so guess where I'm gonna be--showing my horrificness to the world) and of course there's a marathon on right now as well, so while I work I'm catching up on Season 3.  My only hope is that I can get Tony hooked on it as well so I'm not alone in it.

Oh a couple news stories of interest:

What the hell??

Awesome Cooly Cat!

November 13, 2007

Tuesday ketchup

Pretty full weekend.  I went shopping on Saturday and Tony was still feeling sick so while he slept, I went and hung out with our friend Sammy (and others) for one of his last weekends out as a bachelor (he and Kelli get married on the 1st in Maryland).

Sunday was our 16th Anniversary, Tony still didn't feel great so I went and hung out at White Star in the evening and watched their weekly movie and stuff (after walking to get my car at Simple -- left from the night before.

Monday, I picked up my cousin Dillon, who flew in from Georgia to live with us.  Then Tony decided to finally go to the Dr. his cold was better but the pain in his stomach is some torn fibers, he's not supposed to lift heavy objects or move very much for a couple of weeks, at least it was nothing 2 serious.

November 09, 2007

From dusk til dawn

I forgot how awesome George Clooney was in From Dusk Til Dawn, it's on TV right now.

It's been a fairly horrible few days, we were supposed to leave yesterday to go to Houston for a wedding tomorrow, but Tony got sick and an earache so he canceled us, he's still not feeling well tonite, so I Advil PM'd him up and am getting lots of work done.  I had a semi-out of office note up for work, but I think I ended up working more the last couple days than I have in awhile--it's been pretty non-stop.

Our ferret Rascal passed away last night (in his sleep), it was expected soon but still very upsetting. I'm going to miss him, he was very sweet (one night last week when Tony was in FL still he slept with me wrapped up in a towel all night).

I think I'll do a couple more hours of work and then try to catchup on September / October invoicing to my clients over the weekend, no not try--I have to.

November 02, 2007

Halloween pictures

I posted up pictures from my Halloween night, last night.  Click here to take a look.

I think Tony finally gets home today, he usually keeps that a closely guarded secret.  It's nice and chilly and fall-like today here, I think a high of 56.