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December 31, 2007

I am Gregory

OK so to end the new year, I thought I'd sum up the last couple days at least.  Hopefully tomorrow nite Tony will run down to White Star and bring in the New Year (and then he can come back home as always). 

 So I drank an exhorbitant (sp?) amount this weekend.  I got a new phone finally (a global blackerry) and saw "I am legend" (which i cried like a girly bitch during--c'mon).  I'm sorta sad this week and hope Tony wants to Ring in the New Year tomorrow with me....

I'll post up some fotos from our FL trip on XMas and such in the next couple of days, Barry I'm sorry we missed seeing  you on XMasa it was close but I understand (being a loner)..Next time --  definetly.

 (PS --  Pan's Labyrinth is on right now--1 of the 2 best movies ever (other is Children of Men)--both from 2007 -- I swear to your God if you haven't seen them, there is no reason for us to chat anymore--Watch them and love the cinema again!)

December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

I know it's expected for me to be a little irreverant and such but I'd rather just wish everyone to grab a little bit of good cheer and something nice if possible for the season.  Happy Holidays, merry Xmas and such...I'll post some fotos from Rcok center and the city and more in a couple days!


December 23, 2007

Movie Review: Sweeney Todd

So yesterday I made the trek to the movies to see the new Depp/Burton musical, Sweeney Todd.  GO SEE IT!  It is utterly fantastic...very bloody, very funny, very awesome.  A crosscut of Edward Scissorhands and Sleepy Hollow set to music.  Not only do Johnny and Helena rise to the Singing occasion but the kid in the movie can really belt out a tune...if he finds no other work soon, I'm definitely going to hire him to walk around behind me and sing what I'm doing as a narration.

 Fantastic Movie--GO SEE IT!


So we went to the city tonite and walked around Rockefeller center and saw the tree, did a bit of shopping and had some food.  We had a great time.  Best thing was -- I went into Bergdorf's to get Tony some Elemis products for Christmas, and the people that checked me out ran up the escalator's after me to find out which rock band I was in because they knew I was in one.  Damn that was Awesome!!  I know lame, but still great....

December 17, 2007

Ghost of Christmas This...

So I watched a pretty spooky new show on A&E tonite, in the tradition of GhostHunters (my fav), called Paranormal State.  They play up the religious theme a bit too much for my taste but the first episode gave me chills, 2 new ones come on Monday night as well.

Since we're on the subject of TV...Man I cannot stand Carson Kressley, Al Roker or Paula Deen.  They all drive me crazy!

Also I've been on the 25 Days of Christmas kick on ABC Family -- rewatching all the old Christmas favs (my personal favorite being Nestor, the long-eared Christmas donkey). But as I watched Frosty's Winter Wonderland (again) today--I can't help but wonder what they did with the Good SnowParson that they built to wed Frosty and Crystal.  He didn't go to the North Pole with them, so I'm assuming that they either let him melt a slow death or dismembered him right away?  Pretty gruesome, I guess that's real life tho! 

December 12, 2007

Found camera = Updated Gallery

I found my camera (actually had already found it but forgot--don't ask).  So I added 53 new photos to our December Gallery.

 I also made Tony a little Play-Doh Christmas Tree:

Play-Doh Tree

December 11, 2007

it's time to kick Joyce's ass

She got way more awesome than me recently.  She totally elfed herself...Dammit.....( I'm still slightly more awesome in real life--yeah not really but c'mon)

Anyways watch her best elf crap here..... 

December 04, 2007

Mondays bloody mondays...

OK no blood that i know of, but at least my avid reader, Barry wa caught up on things tonite.  Looks like the new webcam is still working (and wanting to be expanded--i will i will)...It also has its standalone site here with a chat function if you want to chat with others watching our street (it has a lag but a chat function--i'm sure i will interact on it soon since it's new).  (I plan for some better ones on our pets or while im working on me or something, but until then....

Tonite i watched me some XMas oldies on ABC family and then met Tony and a contractor neighbor at the new store, they have alot of work to do but i hope they do it quickly and nicely, it can definitley work out there with a little bit of dedication and care, it has some cool features.

 Then I went to White Star for a little while and saw alot of my hang out friends (Joe, Jimmy, Susie, Katie, Curtis, Matt, Noelle, Joshy, Katie, Bryan).  Good time and still got home early enough to be good and take care of the pets without getting into trouble  =)  It snowed a little; nice to see the flakes as they fell (albeit to their melted death), some were larger and tried to hang on but were unable in the breeze and the ground warmth...I rooted for them to stick but realized that inevitably they too would all pass.

 Also posted 3 new pics in the gallery from Tonys camera (I can't find my camera right now).

December 03, 2007

From Thanks to I do...

Finally gonna try to quickly catch up on a few things. 


We drove down to Richmond to go to my stepsisters, with my Dad and step-mom for dinner.  We (Me, Tony & Dillon) drove down Wednesday night--got there around midnight, visited with Dad awhile then went to bed.  Got up the next morning and headed over to dinner around 1.  Visited the rest of the evening and then Tony & Dillon got up around 6am and did a little shopping.  We all went to Red Robin for burgers for lunch and then headed home afterwards, we got home around 7, I think on Friday.

While coming home, Tony got a call the Edith, the elderly woman he takes care of, was in the hospital with pneumonia and won't be able to live on her own anymore.  This put a big crimp in our living situation, so unfortunately Dillon had to return to GA.  Tony dropped him off at the airport on Saturday morning (Dec 1).


After Tony dropped Dylan off, we met our friends Susie, Jay and Lou at Simple quickly and then we all headed down to Baltimore for our Friends wedding (Kelly and Sammy).  It was a great wedding and we had so much fun.  Jay and Susie had to drive back that night so we stayed overnight, met up with Lou in the morning and us 3 drove home yesterday.  The windshield and wipers kept freezing up in the sleet and snow, but it was a good trip.  We were pleasantly surprised to have a nice 1/2 inch of pretty snow on the ground when we got back.

Last night I went up to Simple and hung out a little while with Kelly, Sammy (the newly weds--they left for ST. Thomas today) and 6 or so other people that had gone to the wedding.

Today is was back working as normal, altho I did manage to get Christmas Lights in the windows (I know alot of people think they are tacky, but they are old fashioned wonderment to me)...The large multicolour bulbs.  Our windows are about 8' tall and 4' wide so a long string fits almost perfectly.

Oh I did manage to get a webcam finally working, overlooking our street on the side.  That should remain on most of the time.  I'm going to try to hook up another 1 or 2 sometime soon to add to the page as well, eventually.

Whew -- done catchin up for now.