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January 31, 2008

I'm game...are u?

So tonite we met (jclinkedin.com) for a game night before Project Runway at Simple...and it turned out, Project Runway was a friggin repeat, so I played Life (heh remember that Aggie), Uno, Jenga, Connect 4 and more.  It was so much fun!  I had already ran by Target and got our Milk, OJ, bread, etc (it's 20degrees tonite so it was cool in the trunk). 

Anyways ... I wanted to write something tonite  =)

January 27, 2008

Atlantic City

Got on the party bus at 9:25 this morning with the White Star crew and headed down to AC.  Got there about 12:30 *too late to hit the big poker game, prolly better that way...

 Anyways I chose to drink more than gamble, but nice afternoon...I totally got in trouble in Ripleys Believe it or not, but was ok.  We had a few cocktails at Blue Note in Bally's...Chrissy treated me to $40 in slots and then we got back on the party bus (my knee was bleeding again all day--long story, my jeans are an awesome red now).  Met a couple nice new friends and held my own in the party world.  Yeah Tony is sorta mad at me but just cause he didnt go and participate, I was good, bloody, drunk and didn't spend alot (and brought my man a nice present), so overrall it's good.  I'm going to sleep now  =)  Doing alot this week...

Ha--I so washed all my dogs last night and cut my rabbits nails and played with her.  I so should be a daddy.


January 26, 2008


Couple quick points before the point...I friggin love Drew Barrymore--Watching a movie now with her in it, she's just perfect.  Secondly I'm heading to Atlantic City in the morning with White Star on the party bus(cowboy theme -- i bought awesome FRY cowboy boots today for it) so I'm sure all will be a mess, lastly (thirdly?) I so friggin love my man Tony it is ridiculous -- i mean c'mon after 16.5 years i think it shoudl subside, but it doesn't...and btw here is his latest mass email/make it rick something or another that he emailed (he's still not blogging as he should)...


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January 19, 2008


WOW! Who knew my political opinion could catch some of the attention I got.  But now that I have it I want to keep it.  I received some very passionate responses.  As I read through them I am more sure now than ever before of one thing. Our values that we hold near and dear are basically the same. 

 What differentiates us is how we prioritize them.  And those differences are what determines which side of the isle we sit on.  And unfortunately the passion that erupts from our deep rooted beliefs and values creates a rift called "Partisanship"  One response I got accused me of Bush bashing because of my party affiliation. 

First I was expressing my American view of a Presidency gone wild. Secondly I have voted across party lines because that's my right as an American who happens to be a registered democrat.  And to address the response I got that I think all republicans are evil, well you're wrong.  I have much admiration for Colin Powell and William Cohen. 

 I have much respect for Newt Gingrich for the redeeming comments he made last year about the Clintons.  While I don't agree with the former speaker on all issues it takes a true man to speak as kindly and highly of former President and Mrs. Clinton.  In a podcast after the Iowa Caucus the The leader of the 1994 Republican revolution — who as House speaker in the mid 1990s clashed fiercely with then-first lady Clinton and her husband, Bill Clinton — attributed her surprise victory in New Hampshire to the Democratic presidential candidate’s courage, integrity and openness. Gingrich went on to say it would have been easy for the Senator to admit defeat. “Instead, starting on Saturday night, she fought back with greater and greater intensity, and she opened herself up," He went on. “She talked as a person, without all the protection, without all the discipline, and she became more and more appealing.Gingrich said that shift demonstrated “the courage to learn” and enabled the New York senator to grow “in the space of three or four days to a much more attractive, much more aggressive and much more appealing candidate.” Well Mr. Gringinch your words demonstrate your ability to talk as a person, without all the protection, and without all the discipline.  And I admire you for them. If you decide to run for office again one day let's talk.

And in my mind one of the greatest politicians who ever occupied the Oval Office did so with such selflessness and disregard to political and national backlash. And he was a republican. President Gerald Ford.  My first memories of politics began with the resignation of President Nixon.  This country owes so much to President Ford.  And it is ashamed that his ability to look beyond what the country wanted and to see what it needed caused him the presidency.   Looking back we all realize that he earned the title the "THE GREAT HEALER"  Although at 7 years old I did not understand what the nation was going through I know now what a sacrifice President Ford made in 1974.  And we are a grateful and better nation for it.

So you see I don't think all republicans are evil.  And I don't think all democrats are good or saintly.  My priorities are more democratic than republican.

In conclusion I am glad that I got your attention and I welcome your comments, but don't waste them all on me.  Don't loose that passion.  Put it to good use.  Get behind a candidate and support them.  Like I told Greg after reading some of the responses, "I feel like I am in a fight for Hillary Clinton's political life".  While that statement holds some truth the stakes are much higher.  It's a fight for our American way of life.  And to me that is well worth the fight.



January 17, 2008


Hello All:

It had to take something that I feel extremely passionate about and something that affects every one of us to make me start a blog.  For my Republican friends who are in denial I want you to wake up and take a long and good look out of your windows.  We have problems.  Why is it that it takes a recession to make you believe we MIGHT be heading into a recession?  Come on.  And for the life of me I can not put my head around why no one in the Bush Administration does anything about it until it is too late. The one thing I can say in President Bush's defense is, he got it honest. Well I am going to do my part to get my message across.  Not only am I going to use my right as an American to vote I am going 1 step further.  And I feel it is a huge step.

I wanted to let you know that I have signed on with Team Hillary.  Why you ask?  Because there are 2 things that Hillary Clinton and I know that our nation needs.

Change and Common Sense

Americans have become so discouraged by this current administration.  Americans know that the Bush administration’s values and beliefs are not representative of the United States'.   And that is because the “Bush Agenda” is missing one very important factor. “COMMON SENSE”  It’s almost as if on the day President and Mrs. Bush moved into the Whitehouse they laid a welcome mat at the Whitehouse entrance that reads Leave common sense here and Pick it up on your way out. 

I’m sorry I’ll get back to my point.  Just like you I am apart of a class that is on the verge of extinction.  The Middle-class and we know what is contributing to our demise. 

Unemployment, Devaluation of the US dollar, Tax increase after Tax increase on the lower and middle classes and Tax Incentive after Tax Incentive for the rich of America and a healthcare system in desperate need of reform, and a welfare system that needs a complete overhaul.

I could keep going, but I am only repeating what you and the rest of America already know.  Which leads me to ask, why President Bush is so clueless to our plight?    It is because President Bush does not have the common sense to realize America needs change nor the ability to bring about change.

Now is our chance to inform President Bush and the Republican Party that we want change.  Let’s send them their pink-slips.  Let them join the ranks of America’s unemployed.  I know that in Hillary Clinton America will get the Change it has repeatedly been denied.   Help me send Hillary Clinton packing for the Whitehouse.  Become apart of Team Hillary and see how you can help change the direction America is heading. Help turn the United States into the great nation it was intended to be.  Time is running out so join now.  I’ll sleep better knowing one of the first changes Hillary makes will be to change the locks on the Whitehouse front door. 

Now for you “Clinton Haters and Morality Preachers” sit up and take note because I have my own sermon to preach and it is intentionally directed  because I am sick and tired of your 2-faced, double-standard and your holier-than-thou attitude (because you’re not)


Let me start by saying when Bill Clinton was president you had him to thank for an economy that flurrished.  When he left office he left a budget with a surplus. $230 Billion to be exact.  When President Bush leaves office there will be a deficit of about $175 Billion.

 And for those of you want to bring up the morality factor, you don’t want to go down that road.  I suggest a self-moral check because none of us want to play that card. NONE OF US….And for those who are not sure what qualifies  as immoral let me give you a quick list for clarification


If you preach pro-life that means abortion is immoral

If you preach adultery then infidelity is immoral

Pre marital sex-self explanatory

If you preach Christianity-then practice it.

Gay Marriage-come on, look within your own marriage (oh yeah, for some of you look within your 2nd marriage, 3rd marriage) Get my point? Maybe there should be a 3 Strikes rule to marriages.  Or is that infringement on one’s rights? Sorry if I step on any toes on this one, but it’s true.  I have no tolerance for anyone who thinks they are so morally superior than everyone else, but have their own definition of what is immoral. 


So in conclusion, if you want to continue living in a country with an out of control government then do nothing and you will reach your goal.  If you don’t like the direction the nation is heading, but do nothing to invoke change, shut the hell up. You lost your right to bitch.  For those of you who get the message and want to do something to make a change then it is time to step up to the plate and hit one for the country.

January 16, 2008

Sleep in the City

Already getting near 1am and I'm tossing and turning as usual.  I have a meeting and afternoon workday at the 300 Madison ave office so I would like to get some sleep tonite.  Tony tossed me an ambien, but no relief yet.  I don't have to be there until 11am so at least I still have some time.  I really don't know what the meeting is about (I think it's to learn some new internal-web form technology), but they wanted to get me in the office this week anyway so we could get a good head start on the new Global CEO survey site that comes out on the 22nd (I know not a big deal, but it is for PwC.com).

I guess a few of us will head out after 5 to have a couple drinks and bitch about office things, but I have to run back over to Jersey City before it gets too late.  I can't miss my night at Simple to watch Project Runway after all.   

 (BTW Barry--The Bad Bar Hop was so much fun the other night, about 20 of us went and everyone was very welcoming (if not surprised) at all of us coming in--something we are definitely going to do more often).

There's a Giant's game night at Pop Merrigan's on Sunday that I may attend with that group.  And White Star has a party bus on the 27th down to Atlantic City for the day that I'm going on. 

January 14, 2008


So today we went to our friend Lucas' 1st bday (they live by Simple and Joe's 39th bday is coming up as well on the 16th) and then headed out to Maplewood for Rick's birthday party (he turned 45 Holy Crap).  Anyways we stayed there a couple hours and had a great time (and watched the Giants spank the Cowboys).  I dropped Tony back off at home at 8:15 and headed to White Star.  Watched Oceans 13 (even tho i didn't watch 11 or 12)--it was pretty ok and came home when it started to snow.

 A couple GR8??  news-stories for pet lovers: (check these out)

January 13, 2008

Bar what?

So we had such a good time hanging out with my friends and going to the underbelly of society, I so fit in there  =)


Honestly, as bad as Tony was mad at me for hanging out with the friends, I had such a good time and now I think people actually might like me a little bit  =)


I did give the cabby a big tip to shut up (he was a talker and I hate that), but anyways...good time today, I wanna see Orphanage now but I will wait,.


Holy crap...I'm such not a great guy, but i'm not the worst (maybe) ...Good friggin nite!

January 12, 2008

Books and Bars

So it was our "monthly" bookclub on Thursday night...a couple weeks late because of the Holidaze, but was it ever worth it.  Such a stunningly good book.  Although I want to hate it since Oprah recommends it, it's one of the best written novels I've read in a long time--great writing style, excellent character development.  Everyone loved it--so if you get a chance, and haven't yet, check out Middlesex .

We just had brunch at Simple and came home for awhile.  Tony is going to drop me off downtown after awhile to meet some friends from the neighborhood (they started a local social site-- JC linked).  Tonite we're going to hop around and get to know some of the lesser known, maybe even seedy bars around town...should be interesting...

Bar hop 

January 01, 2008

2008...It's not too late

Yeah--it totally is always too late so ignore the tagline.  I was going to take an ambien and sleep thru the turn of the year, but a couple of my friends (Scott, Natalie, and Paula) texted me enough to make me feel like a jerk.  I wanted to see Tony, but he wanted to stay at home.  I ended up going to White Star to meet my friends and as I sat there and drank, lo and behold--Tony walked in shortly before midnite.  He made my year!   Not only did people finally believe that he was real  but we got to bring in the New Year together.  It was so nice of him to do that.  He left and I stayed out with our friends for a little longer -- has a great start to what I am assuming is going to be a horrible horrible horrible year...We'll see.

 I wish I had a St. Bernard to snuggle with,