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March 31, 2008

Yankees opener postponed so I...

Well since the Yankees season opener was postponed until tomorrow night (because of rain), I took some of the time that I was going to spend watching it and did a few other things...

I managed to post a bunch more photos, more of the pets, some of Tony, and some of Earth Hour 2008, you can check them out here.  Speaking of Earth Hour, we went dark for about 4 hours here at home.  We went to Simple to meet our friend Debbie for dinner, and the owner didn't know about Earth Hour but gladly lit up candles for the tables and bar, and turned out all the lights and TV for the hour.  It was great!  My sister and brother-in-law also went with no power for 3 hours down in Lakeland, FL, so we managed to spread it up and down the East Coast!

I also finally started putting some stuff that I don't need (mostly new stuff) on Ebay.  You can check that out here. I hope to keep putting lots more on there.

Tony started a Team Hillary blog today, I'm proud of him, he seems to be getting pretty handy at doing web stuff.  Maybe I'll make him start doing my job.  You can peruse his entry here.  I'm sure he's going to update it daily, or at least frequently.

I guess tonite, I'll make another Target run (they have batteries 75% off in their dollar bins, so $.25 for 4-packs--we usually get rechargeable but these are sooo cheap).  Then to Simple to hang out with my friend Lou, and then maybe if they are screening a good one and Tony doesn't mind I'll watch the Monday Movie at White Star.  Hopefully tomorrow night the Yankees will be able to make up their game, I have a business dinner on Wednesday night and meetings in the city all day Thursday.


March 29, 2008

March 29, 2008--Earth Hour

Although it doesn't seem like many people in the NYC metro area have jumped on board for Earth Hour 2008 like other cities (San Fran & Chicago) and countries (Australia), it will be interesting to see how many people participate.  I know Tony is planning on dimming our lights for the hour.  I know it has its critics (people say that it won't help much and is gimmicky) but it definitely brinjgs further awareness to the problems and might show people that it is possible to do things without lights blaring constantly. 

I know quite a few bars around the country are staying dark tonite (for more than just the hour) and serving drink specials with glow sticks and such to celebrate.  All they are asking for is an hour, and it's a good way to not only participate but maybe even save a buck on your power bill, if that's more motivation.  I think people should take it a step further and maybe turn off the TV's and other things as well.

March 27, 2008

Bookclub tonite...

I've been going to bookclub meetings once a month for alomst a year now and I always mean to write a followup on here and never have much so I'm going to start this month, a summary of the meeting.

This month's book was "How to talk to a widower" by Jonathan Tropper.  Attending the club tonite was me, Jeff, Goat, Kelly Dog, Kelly O, Jaci, Sam and later Patty (We missed Stace & Pat but she just gave birth a week before--1 meeting is all we will let them miss).  Patty didn't read the book but thought the dust jacket looked nice...we all disagreed with that, cause everyone that read the book agreed that for what the book was about, the dust jacket was awful.

After last month's selection "The Emporer's children" which everyone agreed was the worst book to date -- consensus!  This time we all agreed it was a very well written, truthful, dark, funny, sad great book.  We all noted some of the funniest spots--it brought a few member's to tears but definitely left us all wanting more!  I will highly recommend it since everyone liked it (and we have a huge cross section of society in our group--the only commonality is we like to drink and read). 

I for one am going to order all 3 of his other books and read them as I can.  Next month's selection is "Love in the Time of Cholera" by Gabriel García Marquez, and again I will comment on the book after the meeting. I hear that it takes a bit to get into but is worth it when you do.  I'll also do a short synopsis and liking factor of all the books to date when I can gather all the titles up.

Off the topic but with a good segue here would be to mention telephone books.  I noticed last week that there were 28 Yellow Pages books in our vestibule (one for each loft in our building).  It's been about 10 days and now there are 22 left out there--I want to know who the 6 people are that actually brought those into their homes?  I see no reason to have a telephone book in this day and age? Everyone is way too connected for that in my opinion and there went how many trees to print all that BS?



March 24, 2008

After Easter update

Tony finally got home from his Florida trip on Saturday night, so things are getting back to normal more around here and maybe I can make some more updates on this website.  It's tough to run the household alone and get to all the other details.

We had a pretty nice Easter yesterday, we colored our eggs and exchaged some gifts, then we went down to Simple and met our friends Kim (and her mom from California), Rich and their kids, Sofia and Luca for brunch.  Afterwards we all walked in the park for an hour or so and let the kids play on the playground.  Tony saw a turtle painting at Simple that he liked so we went back up for dinner and a couple drinks and bought it (and brought it home since he was taking his art down Wednesday anyway--you usually have to wait until the show is over).

We still can't find our missing camera with all of the Christmas pictures and the beginning of the year, but I did get a different one that I had and took some fresh pictures of the pets and Easter and loaded them up this morning here.

 Woohoo also was able to update their blog this morning, and you can check that out here.


March 05, 2008

Happy 75th Birthday to an ICON...

So today is my Dad's 75th Birthday (yeah he was born the same year King Kong was made).  We wish him the happiest of birthdays.

 Saturday, we drove down to Richmond to take him to dinner (4.5 hours....a new record driving time, altho at the fastest I only hit 115mph, someone on the Susquehuana bridge blocked me so I had to do it on the restricted lanes South of DC--don't tell the cops...but look for a better clock in a minute on the way back).  Anyway we got to their new house (beautiful large 2 story home in a new 55+ community in Glen Alan, VA), we were amazed at how much they had settled in and finished since 02/01.  The restaurant of choice was full so we went and had a nice dinner at Outback, then drove to Best Buy to get a wireless router for me to set them up (which i did  nicely..whew)..we chatted all nite then went to brunch on Sunday.  Chatted some more and left around 2:30.  I've gotta say here that Dad and Claudia love me & Tony and I prolly respect him more than anything ever.  It was great to be able to take him to dinner for his 75th Birthday, and me and Tony had such a nice time as well -- it was just great.  Oh btw on the way back as Tony dozed I hit 122 on the Susquehuana bridge...still 7 mph below my record but AWESOME!!!

 I love my Dad, I love my Stepmom, I love Tony to no end...Great weekend...See what Ladee thought about it though, here.