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April 28, 2008

Carnegie Hall and the New York Pops

So tonight we headed over to Carnegie Hall to attend the 25th Anniversary Gala for the New York Pops.  We parked a few blocks away in a garage since traffic was a little slow and hurrried over to the Hall.  We had 3 minutes to spare so ran to the restroom and then found our seats.

They were pretty good parquet seats (orchestra) and we were very happy with the quality of the evening.  The "Hosts" were Liz Smith, Denis Leary and  Kathleen Turner.  They were honouring the Yankees and Peter Max painted a piece of art to honour the Steinbrenners (Peter was there, which is pretty cool since we own an original of his).  A few of the more famous performers and speakers were: Reggie Jackson, the aforementioned hosts, Cathy Rigby, Steve Tyrell,  The Gatlin Brothers, Ana Gasteyer, & Tony Bennet.

All in all a very fun night. Our next outing is this friday night when we see Al Gore speak at Radio City Music Hall. 

April 26, 2008

Back to Florida leaving alot of photos behind...

Well I just checked the online flight status of my family, returning to FL and it looks like they are somewhere above Virginia now.  I dropped them off at Newark airport around 11:30 this morning as their flight was leaving at 12:55pm.  We had a really good time with them here and hopefully they did as well.  You can check out their pictures from their visit in our galleries.  There are alot of them.  Here are the ones from my Aunt Pam's camera.  Here are the ones from my Mom's camera.  And last but nowhere near least, here are the one's from my sister's camera (note that there are 4 galleries under the menu for her because she took so many).

Now Tony is out at the garage having a garage sale and I'm hanging out doing some dishes and laundry (altho should be working as I have quite a bit to do sometime this weekend) until around 3pm when I'm going to run up to White Star and watch the Yankees game with some rum and cokes.

April 20, 2008

Visitors from Outer Space...well ok Florida

I picked up my mom, sister and Aunt at the airport around 10am this morning off a Continental flight from Tampa, FL.  We walked around the neighborhood with the dogs, down to the park and such and then we went down to White Star for a pleasant brunch.  Now watching the Yankees (winning in the 9th 4-1) while my Sister relaxes in the massage chair and my mom and Aunt are doing something with a plant and soil? 

Tony and I are going to see Rufus Wainwright at BergenPac at 7pm, so we're in the process of getting ready for that too.

April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Barry and what a week...

First we both want to wish my Brother-in-Law a very Happy Birthday--we hope you are having a great one!

Next I'll try to catch up a little on the last week's events.

Last Sunday Tony had a fairly-last minute Hillary fundraiser here at our home.  It was alot of fun and a city councilman came for awhile.  

The next night we went down to Simple to have dinner, where Tony left around 7pm and I stayed around to watch the Yankees game.  Right after first pitch Tony called and let me know that while he was turning a corner a motorcycle ran into the rear passenger side of the Saturn.  It dented in the side near the taillight but nothing real major.  The guy on the motorcycle seemed fine but he went away in an ambulance anyways.  I got there a few minutes after he called me and then about 7 cop cars, 2 firetrucks and 2 ambulances (plus many spectators then), it was all a bit unnecessary and embarrassing. Anyway we'll see how much that ding will cost us soon. 

Last wednesday Tony went to see Elton John at Radio City Music Hall for another Hillary fundraiser where Bill, Hillary and Chelsea all appeared and spoke. 

 I've been really allergy ridden and had a huge project that's been keeping me busy (it finally went live last night--whew).  Saturday we had brunch with our neighbors Karen and JT, and afterwards I stayed at Simple and watched the Yankees.

Sunday I went to White Star for a Breast Cancer Brunch Bingo fundraiser (where I won a candle and a $35GC to York Street Tavern), then went to Target and came home. Tony dropped me back off at White Star and I drank more and watched the Yankees again before catching a cab home.

Of course meanwhile our AC went out and we needed to get the downstairs shower fixed before we get our company this weekend...so $3307 later brings us up to date.

I think now I'm going to close up my work projects for the evening and head down to White Star to watch the Yankees hopefully win the 2nd game against Tampa Bay!