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May 29, 2008

Simply suicide =(

I have a few blogs to report on tonite...Wii Fit, Bookclub, City visits and stuff.. But am not going to because....

Recently at Simple a new kitchen staff took over.  A  nice younger guy named Corey was head of the kitchen and I saw him for a few hours on Saturday when I went over for brunch.  Later that day he couldn't find anything to live for and hung himself.  I'm very upset about this.  He was a young guy with great culinery skills.  Simple was having a hard time with their kitchen and he recently took over.  I spoke to him playfully as he attacked me playfully for liking the Yanks. I just wanna give him respect tonite and let Simple lay low and closed a couple of days outta respect.  I'm pretty upset about this because he was so young and nice and made excellent food and I saw him a few hours before he did what he did...It sucks and is upsetting and noone should go though what he did!

I will blog again tomorrow about bookclub and Wii and more.... 

May 22, 2008

Baseball, White Star and more ...

I have so much to blog about tonite but will narrow this one down to Baseball and White Star Bar.  Will Blog more about Wii Fit (AWESOME) and seamonkeys tomorrow or this weekend (plus Fleet Week).

 First for the Baseball fans...What a great game tonite.  OK closer than it needed to be but Kennedy was a little better.  Unfortunately my play of the game went to (one of the best RF) Markakis (he's in both my fantasy leagues...read that how you will).  He ran the ball down, grabbed it before CF and threw out a double play at second.  Nick has to have one of the best arms in MLB and his accuracy is frightening (which is why when he threw ARod's taken away homer last night it was obvious)..Anyways props to him tonite.  Also a great play was the Yanks (finally) double play.  The best and most exciting the to me tonite was that Girardi finally showed some passion (and altho it was a 1-1 game) went out and fought for his team--he still picked up his hat knowing that accessories like that look good on him.  Anyway I think that made the 9th inning batters come to attention, I actually thought Damon would do it, but Cano came through.  Very entertaining game.

 The small part of this blog that I thought was awesome is that it was so crowded at White Star tonite and a total asshole that basically fagbashed me in a jokingly way at the bar a few weeks ago came up to me and bought me a drink, asked me to step outside (which I did immediately) and then apoligised for being a drunken asshole.  I, of course forgave him because we all do stupid things when we drink, and I'm sure I woulda str8 bashed him.  But then he came back inside and bought my whole dinner/drink tab.  Anyways thanks for Anthony for being a man and stepping up.

 I have a couple more things to write about now (Seamonkeys and Wii Fit) but I also have a luncheon to go to in the city and need some sleep before then so I'll leave you hanging...I have a feeling it will be awesome in the city tomorrow so I will write about that as well I guess.




May 21, 2008

Wii Fit

Tony got up early this morning and ran to Target and was number 42 in line at 8am to buy a Nintendo Wii Fit to hook up to our Wii system.  It's gotten pretty good reviews both for being fun and giving a mild workout (it's gotta at least be 100% more than we're doing now).  I know the other games (boxing and such) can give you quite a bit of exercise so I'm excited to see what this will do.  I'll try to hook it up at some point today or tomorrow (I have to rehook up the whole system and this downstairs I guess) and will report back with a review.

May 19, 2008

Weddings, drinking and fun...(Bad baseball)

Saturday night we went to our friend's wedding out in Ho-Ho-Kus (yes to our friends in remote places -- the real name of the town, hyphens and all).  Susie and Jay got married at 5:30 at his parents beautiful home.  We drove out with Lou and Sal and had a great time.  We finally pulled Tony off of the dance floor and had another drink when we dropped Lou off at his home by Simple and got home around midnite.

Sunday I went up to Simple and watched the mess of the Subway series game (11-2 Mets--damn them, and it actually should have been 14-2, with the foul ball fiasco)...with Sal and Lou.  Simple has their food game back on with their re-addition of Wally (he always made good specials there but left and is now back) -- I had the best chicken special ever there!

Anyways then today I got 2 new projects for the week and finished them both about 4 days too early.  I went back up to Simple to do my normal Monday night hangout with my friends (and I'm gonna list their names so they will be google-able)  Lou Hampton and Mike Strothers (bartender) and tonite Joe Calhoun hung out as well.  I of course had the chicken dinner again and brought Tony their new pulled pork sandwich home (he bailed as usual on hanging out).  Good stuff and the Yankees were off so I didn't have to watch them lose finally  Frown

As a side note--one of the regulars at Simple tonite was hanging out with us chatting (he may do some flash work for me) but he said I should do a gay, jersey city, local, sports blog since I am so into baseball.  I never really thought about it, but he said as a straight father of a 9 year old, baseball fan who chats with me alot, he thinks i know my stuff and there may be a little market for it...so I may think about it and see where that leads.  We'll see--something more to do anyways, but may be something fun to do with a different perspective?

 PS..I also put a little webcam on my laptop that I turn on occasionally (altho it's framed by 10 seconds or so and I can't have it on when my work firewall is on) but I caught a great photo of Wiggum on it today when I had it on for 10 minutes or so..it's on the webcam page now until I upload again but here it is as well:


May 16, 2008

What's old should sometimes stay that way

OK I will start with a disclaimer.  I was a big fan in High School, and to be fair it was raining today, it was their first Live appearance, and it was on the Today Show stage, but...

New Kids on the Block (NKOTB) sorta sounded sucky this morning for their Today Show premiere.  Vocals were pretty bad and I kept watching them look at each other to try to get their dance cues.  I'll give them another chance, whatever that means, but so far it's a NO.

I do have hopes for something old becoming something new soon though (again I have my doubts) but 90210 is coming out soon on CW, with original cast members.  When it was on (again in High School and college) I never missed it.  I will be sure to catch the new episodes and see how they play it out, Campy? Dramatic?  Who knows...stay tuned.

Lastly -- these guys are really old (well sort of) but they have been making music over the times...This morning I got reserved Balcony tickets at Hammerstein Ballroom on July 30th 2008 for Collective Soul, Blues Traveller and...my Favorite and reason for going, "Live".  I'm going to try to drag Tony with me since I got us seats instead of being in the general admission Mosh Pit, so hopefully he will go (and we both get autographed posters for getting good seats) but I may have an extra ticket if I cannot talk him into it. 

May 07, 2008

Jack from Project Runway...Semi-fans get all the breaks

So Tony was running around in the city today and saw Jack from Project Runway go into a bank.  He stalked him a bit outside and the grabbed him on his way out and snapped a foto of he and Jack on his cell phone.

 Jack & Tony


Of course I was the one dedicated to watching it weekly, jeez. Some people live a lucked out life...


May 05, 2008

Corporate life gets more lonely by the day!

So I know I'm a dinosaur as a Corporate contractor and I'm ok with that and knowing it's going away but in the last month I lost the 2 elder people than me.  I'm the longest outsider in my department (10 yrs 2 months) by far but my friend in the careers division last month had to leave after 12 years (he's in Boston and probably the smartest database guy ever so no worries he can be the biggest mind in any company but still...)  Anyway today (Happy Cinco De Mayo), Tom told me that they weren't renewing his contract again after 15 years (HUGE Outsider in the Firm) within the Real Estate group.  Anyway he's such an awesome guy and I've enjoyed working with them both for the 10 years i've known them. 

I'm sure I will be around for a bit with a few of my internal clients (I have about 30 separate) all is ok today with at least half (fiscal year is up in a month)...except I will miss my coworkers that I have respected throughout the years...I know I won't last forever but I'm glad I'm still around for a little bit more.

 Thanks Tom for making US FS Real Estate a pleasure to deal with since 1998!

May 03, 2008

Baseball, boxing, and Mars

Started the day off by going to Simple and watching the Yankees, battered and on the DL as alot of them are, win against the Mariners (6-1 for the second game in a row)...(Last nite we went and saw Al Gore at Radio City and just caught the last 2 innings at a bar across the street).

So tonite me and Tony went over to Times Square and decided to do a touristy thing that we've never done...We went to Mars 2112 and had dinner and drinks.  We both had a couple drinks and burgers...and they were pretty good and not overly priced, we had a couple pics of Martians and us taken (will post as soon as Tony sends them to me).  Then I made Tony head down to ESPN Zone because Oscar De La Hoya was boxing tonite.  We watched the match there and altho Tony was tired and ready to head home, he lasted all 12 rounds (and De La Hoya kicked ASS) and Tony still said he had a good time.  We got home and now are waiting to sleep! Nite!