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June 28, 2008

More about my psychotic car shit

So -- I was late registering for the Corvette auction.  Crazy if I have cash in hand but whatever.  I found a couple other ones that were just as good or better than the one I posted last night and the auction is next week so I'm in plenty of time for them, but now I'm not sure why I need more cars...Help me out people, they are of course, awesome, but I have the best car ever made in my eyes (My SLK)..I realise that I'm never happy with anything and I'm sure it will be the same, but I really want a car of the 50's or 60's.

BTW -- I'm so freaky in Love with Tony still after 17 years and I would so marry him if it was allowed here (yeah we did our DP years ago here) but I'm weirdly thinking of him all if the time like a schoolboy in love again now...ARGH...

And please, if you are going to throw your baby in a dumpster please think twice and just ship it to us -- we would be such good daddies and need kids (at least 1 preferably 2)...

 Sorry for the rambling tonite but I drank quite a bit today and am so fucking in love with Tony for no good reason  =)

Payday and crazy cars!

It's been awhile since i've been online.  It's been a long while since I got paid...so fortunately this week I got some awesome paychecks (the first time since January)  Anyhow.  I was at meetings all week in the city and it was great to see my global friends (Adam, Tiffany, etc).

 Tonite me and Tony went out with Karen (a neighbor upstairs) for a late birthday drink (me and her are both 6/11).

 So here is my huge issue -- I'm a lover of cars ...  CRAP and a huge lover of old Corvettes...  (CRAP) and I just got paid (CRAP) and so yeah I just put a ncie bid on this car and I totally hope I don't win but if I do and anyone wants to  buy our Saturn....Cause I refuse to sell the Benz convertible...OMG I want about 7 of these Corvettes...this one is cheaper and attainable...CRAP...


I want this fucking car! 

June 08, 2008

French Open and The Lady in the Water

As I'm watching the French open, I can't help be reminded of a character from the movie "The Lady in the Water".  And this is in no way meant to detract from Nadal's (I hope) Victory over Federer.  I really do not like Federer, as great a tennis player as he is, and hope he goes down like Big Brown!

But as I watch Nadal, as ackwardly hot as he is, I'm still reminded of this character...


Check out how much bigger Nadal's left arm is than his right...It's very creepy! 


Networking fun

Saw a very nice Dance performance at Grace church tonite (I met Tim & Tracy at Skinner's Loft at 7:40pm).  It lasted until a little after 10pm (it was 96 today in JC and more than that in Grace Church), then Tim and everyone wanted to go out for drinks so we went down to OX.  Service was horrible but the food was great (I brought 4 deviled eggs home).  We chatted about their dances and about our work.  I left them about 12:30 at the bar and came home (filled up on the way home for $67.50 at a non EXXON station because that is the worst company in the world) and then got home, walked and fed the animals...None are dead yet altho for the last 2 years one always dies on my bday or in my bday week.

 Anyways...I am going to have to network from hell anymore to try to get back on top of things so expect more bitching on here.

Something just fell in the kitchen -- I can only hope it's garbage.


June 06, 2008

Finally...Wii Fit review

So I've been trying to give my review on Nintendo Wii Fit, I may as well do a start of one tonite.

I got it a couple of weeks ago and I pretty religiously at leaswt do my daily body check.  I do alot of the exercises as well but have been lax for a few days here and there.  It's really interesting, the wide rang of exercises that you can do with it.  I really enjoy the step training (which is the obvious one).  I finally unlocked boxing training, which I love (the longer you exercise the more you unlock).  There are also alot of balance, strength, yoga poses, and sports (Skiing, snowboard and more).  I find it interesting that you can put the remote in your pocket and jog in place (not on the board) and it reads your speed and calories.

The first week I actually gained a couple pounds, but this week I actually lost 4.  I don't think it would replace most persons exercise, but for someone like me that is stuck working and home all the time, it definitely makes me want to get up and do something.  I think this weekend I will add little weights with the step class.

Tony tried it the first day and never went back...it keeps telling me to tell him to go back, so I may  just end up deleting him, it would be pretty fun to have other people to match up against on it though.

I highly recommend it.  I think the Wii is about the best game system (and I have most) and this enhances it so much more -- I really do think it will be a valuable tool for alot of people that don't get exercise other ways, and it makes you want to keep coming back!

That being said, Tony, our neighbor Martha and I did head down to Simple for an hour or so and had drinks and Chicken fingers (OMG so good there!!) and french fries...so definitely no help on staying fit, but it was fun and that counts more anyways!

Tony is heading down to FL tomorrow for a couple days and I'm sure I will blog more this weekend.  I'm trying to make it a habit...maybe even tell my really screwed up dream from last night, maybe not...   Surprised 

June 04, 2008

Babies, bookclub, Wii, more and more and more

So I'm finally gonna get back into it and start an entry the same night as it was last week with Bookclub..I'll start with that and carry on and then later...

I went to White Star and met my friend Lou and then we went to Embankment for Bookclub, in hindsite--Lou gave me awesome feedback saying I was the one interested in the book and letting my views be known everything about it -- so that was cool...he's not in bookclub but watched the whole thing.

So the book was "The unbearable lightness of being".  Side note--I found a first edition, first english printing (mispelled on ebay) and bought for $22.  It had never been opened...the next copy was about $99. anyways I like to own nice books.

As far as the group went, almost noone finished the book.  I could understand because it was a tough Czech book to read...I didn't want to finish it, but the last section--it brought the entire book home to me, I cried alot and the book finally made sense. I think 2 of us got through the book and both of us were huge fans.  It maybe took me 7 hours for the book.  I didnt understand (or because I'm lame that way) the first 6 hours of it but the last 1 hour -- OMG it brought the book home and with the Dog and everything I LOVED IT!

So this is a huge Blog already...I'll hint about the next (I LOVE Jaci's sister!...I also love Nintendo Wii) etc...

 The last thing I wanted to say is Congrats to Joe and Dom on their third kid on the way.  We love Logan and Lucas...their first 2...and I could not be happier (unless they gave me and Tony one of their babies!) but their third is now on the way and I could not be happier for them (again unless they give us one)

UGH...Tired now...more about Wii fit (Great -- wears me out, and work has been so killing me...etc etc etc).

 BTW -- I had 6 drinks tonite at Simple and watched the Yankees win, so I'm a little chatty -- sorry about that, but i'm all about drinks and chatting

Thanks again Jaci, Noelle, Lou, Joe, Carrie, Emilia, Joe (the father one)...etc etc...I love you guys!