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July 25, 2008

New videos

I added in a couple more videos today here.  They are from the boatride to Yankee Stadium a couple weeks ago, 1 leaving Hoboken and then a pretty neat one of the Waterfall art installation under the Brooklyn Bridge.

July 11, 2008

New picture update

Tony's been taking a heckuva lot of pictures lately.  So I loaded up some from May & June today. I still have alot more and lots of videos to add in as well, but it's a start.

You can check them out here. 

Also be excited -- I got a new gadget yesterday and will review it after I use it a few days! 

July 09, 2008

Video & the Yankees

Monday and Tuesday I started posting some videos in our galleries (I still have so many more of those and a ton of fotos to catch up on too).  So check it out if you get a chance and let me know what you think.  We have more from the Yankees game on Tuesday and lots of others (Tony's been filing up a storm lately)...Good segue into the Yankees game that we went to Tuesday night.

I got us tickets last week, so we took the Yankees Clipper (boat) over to the game.  We had 9th row seats behind homeplate.  Really great seats, although not really something you should buy every week... The Yankees kicked the Ray's Ass too so that made it even better.  Was a great evening, and like I said I will post photos and video soon, I'm just swamped with work again right now.

July 07, 2008

Finally Federrer...Nothing but Nadal...and other shit

I've always been the biggest un-fan of Roger Federrer -- He's a prick.  It was a great match he played today with Nadal (and see how I love him but find him a freak as well in a blog in June), but great that Nadal beat him.

Not sure why I love sports so much but my Yanks kicked ass tonite!  I got me and Tony "behind home plate" tix on Tuesday night against Tampa Bay...so if you can TIVO it or anything we'll be behind homeplate and hopefully winning... 

July 04, 2008

2nd annual 4th of July

that me & Woohoo walked down to the park alone in the rain and enjoyed Macy's fireworks together. 

July 03, 2008

My EYE!!!!

OK so this cracked me up to no end!  Tony was looking at some BS on his laptop so I ran to the fridge and grabbed a big old blob of Ketchup and then ran to the bathroom...I slathered it up good on my eye and face and then slammed my fist to the bathroom door and then ran out with my "bloody face".  He fucking punched my forearm so hard, and still doesn't think it's funny (yet he loves Scare tactics)...Ok I always take it a bit far, but this one was funny as hell ( and I think that he was just upset that he didn't rip my eye out)

Damn I'm awesome! 

Sidenote: I kept harping on him -- (to his credit I am THE most accident prone person ever)...But this was the best fake hurt to date...I will try again in the next few weeks I'm sure ... but he did stop hitting me finally and realized that it was awesome and finally smiled.  He does love me, it just isn't constant - I guess. 

I so Love Tony -- and thanks for putting up with my BS..I will scare him until we are 90 (Ok he will be 90 and I will be 87...) 


Tonite was a good one.  Of course, it was my book that I recommended but it was a very good read.  It was very religiously based, Jersey City based, socially based, etc etc etc.  I had no idea how cool this book would be. My Catholisism helped me with the religion part (I'm such an atheist tho, obviously), this book deals with so much..and I wish I  could have lived a life like this...

First: our bookclub meeting...It was just me and Kelly and Jaci that showed up, that didn't diminish our conversation at all. We all agreed that this book was great, it actually excited all of us to do more writing that we love, and maybe stalk the author a bit.  I personally found the book to maybe bridge a little gap in my personal life (I am gonna sorta force Tony to read this one).  It's about someone that I wish we could be--someone special that knows everyone and fits in everywhere...A bit of American Royalty...and Tony so identifies with it that I think we could see this together (and we need a baby)...

 Anyways...we had a great discussion about it (while the Yankees fucked up badly...yeah I'm talking more like I do in reality now swearing hateful everything) and I cannot wait to read some of the books mentioned by her (her mothers especially).  This is a good one -- The Bishop's Daughter by Honor Moore -- seriously -- it deals with everything.

Next months book -- I'm very excited about -- The Girls, about conjoined twin chicks!  


Dog or not...

This pisses me off to no end...Fine that someone has more money than anyone you or anyone else knows.  I am furious at this.  I have noone to give our money to except my partner and our pets.  So say we die in a great (and it would be something to talk about trust me) way...together or separately...I'm not sure what our value is but I guarantee if you sold all of our our crap...houses, art, porn, etc. bullshit...we have noone except our pets yet to leave all of our shit to. 

We want kids and stuff but they aren't exactly knocking down our doors...I'm very disturbed that Leona's last wishes didn't go to her dog...Everything was hers...she left it to what she wanted to.  That's SO FUCKED UP!  Love the whatevers that decided her last wishes weren't good enough so her being is invalidated ... so fucked up....

I feel like if I die tomorrow or next week, anything I want to do with everything that could be mine would never be respected.  Nice way to feel about the non-existent afterlife.  I have no idea how to make our life better for anyone because everythign can be overturned...I'm pretty sure the answer is to have more to drink and buy more shoes.  I swear this is the worst feeling ever...Me and Tony should be daddies to leave something to...I'm just going to waste it all now...I mean cmon...If I die and want to give everything to a dog or Wink or whatever It's so wrong that it will never be respected.  Death sucks now...I'm so going to waste my life even more!!!



July 01, 2008

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