Looking back over an entire life, one would expect to find many changes over its course. Looking back over a specific year can really be a surprise as you notice many specific changes in a given period of time. Surely it too will fade into "our whole lives" but when considered closely, the Year 2002 in itself seemed to be a year nourished on changes; good, bad or indifferent. Yet as with everything, it passes and we look on to the future. Contained here on this page is our last glimpse of the fading year in full and a wish for hope and good fortune for those that are dawning upon us.

Both of our working lives drastically changed.

Tony concentrated on the pet store delivery business near the beginning and faded into doing more mortgage banking by the end. This led to his decision to forgo the pet business and focus only on mortgage work. The last deliveries of the year and of Fetch-It Pet Supplies took place at the end of December.

Likewise, I was laid off from PwC Global Web Team in February; however, a few internal clients and those that I entreated on my own managed to keep my web work going. Although depressing in the beginning it has allowed me more time to devote elsewhere and taught me some valuable lessons.

The make-up of our family also felt the year's transformation.

Throughout the year we suffered the loss of some of our loved ones, and want to remember them here. We will always greatly miss and remember Wally, Pistachio and Nikko who changed our lives very much for the better even though we were given the opportunity to know them for such a short time.

We also gained some new family members. Weirdo (in March) and Wallace (in July) joined the ranks of our brood and as always we welcome them with open arms and love them dearly. A couple little ones made short stays with us until we found them homes as one little one is now (Witness)...and we'll see what happens with that.

Growing Friends

Not only did our pool of great friends grow this year past, but the friends that we kept grew as well! We met some great new people that are very dear to us. Namely Brad & Rick that live in our building and can be found on nearly every gallery page on the site since our meeting, as well as the ever gallant Lady Jane! The friends that we had previously seemed to all grow their families as well: Kim & Rich added baby Sofia; Tim & Lori added baby Erin (& another on the way); Michael & Joyce added baby Colette; and Jim & Ann have a baby to be on the way! This makes us pretty alone in the "without baby" department so everyone needs to push Tony to that issue! Also congrats to our friend's weddings: Violet & Chuck, and Bellande & Janet. And we of course will always mourn & remember the loss of our friend Teresa who was taken from life entirely too soon

Visitors & Visits

We received visits from many family members and friends this year, including Meni, Kim, Ronnie, Barbara, Val, Claudia, Jeremy & Kim. Also I had the opportunity to take a road trip to Florida with Ladee in June to go to a family reunion on my mom's side, and Tony made periodic flights down to Florida to visit family as well!

Other Notables

  • Our Animal Relief Foundation Fund, Inc. had our Second Annual Furry Scurry in Liberty State Park, which saw alot of growth and was attended by the mayor as we paid honor to the service dogs of the WTC.
  • We made it through our eleventh year together.
  • We attended our fifth year at the US Open and saw Pete Sampras win again!
  • We joined a bowling league with Rick, have alot of fun and have made new friends.
Greg's Notables
I was elected Treasurer of our Building's First Board, read alot of books (see bio page), built a room downstairs for Tony, and started working on a few new websites, including interesting Non-profits. I also managed to keep up with a daily calendar on this site since I started it in April and I hope in the year ahead we can use it to better organize our thoughts and events in addition to informing our friends and loved ones.

Tony's Notables
Refinanced alot of our neighbors, saving them alot of money; Redid our home in Florida and got it rerented after horrible tenants moved out; Learned well about gemology and made some astute purchases.

Was it a good year, a bad year or just another year? We're not all that sure yet but at least it was another year that we now have the chance to look back at it in it's entirety before it fades off as part of the "ago" in our lives.


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